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Thursday, 8 September 2011

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Please check our coverage of Mumbai Serial Blasts to see whether anything changed or not

Mumbai was till date considered most unfortunate city due to continuous terror attacks. However, one more name has been included now. It is India's Capital City Delhi. Why are we increasing the numbers of the unfortunate cities? Did we take any steps to prevent these attacks? It has always become regular to see after any kind of terror attack politicians throw mud on each other or try to justify decisions. Common statements are people should keep calm (means keep your mouths shut we are not going to do anything), this is a war against terrorism (and it will go for infinite time), there are so many attacks we stopped just 1% is remaining (that we shall do after 2014), we are better than Pakistan (but moving towards Afghanistan or Iraq like situation). DCFC would like to show you the coverage wherein it tried to track every event of Mumbai terror attack. We would like readers to read this coverage and try to relate it to Delhi Terror Attack by asking a question "Is anything really changed?"

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