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Thursday, 8 September 2011

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“Delhi Police Force was focused on Anna and Ramdev Baba’s arrest, therefore we could not stop bomb blast,” Senior Police Officer of Delhi Police

"What do you think, Delhi Police doesn't work? Check the track record and you don't need to go to long history check the recent events. We were so efficient in arresting Anna Hazare, in departing Baba Ramdev to his town still you are blaming us only," furious Senior Delhi Police officer said DCFC reporter.

"See boss we are not Rajinikanth kind of Robots or Shah Rukh kind of Ra-ones, we are human beings. How much do you expect us to work we were already busy in cleaning up Delhi streets after Anna Hazare saga. Therefore, this attack in spite of Chiddu Saab's intelligence agency's report had to ignore. And check our records, Delhi had few attacks than Mumbai, we are much efficient than Mumbai Police which is considered as India's Scotland Yard," he added.

When DCFC reporter asked him that Police showed more efficiency in Baba and Anna's arrests than taking action against terror attack, he said "As Rahul Baba, our future Prime Minister said every attack is not possible to stop. Further, Anna was attacking our politicians and parliament which was more severe than any terror attack. People loses their lives are common people while in parliament people who sit are giving us bread-n-butter therefore more important. We could not compromise their security."

DCFC is not really happy in saying all these things as sarcasm has lost fun after our politicians and police force's inconsistency. 

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