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Sunday, 17 July 2011

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DCPIB reported Diggy Chacha, chances of Saffron Terror; Diggy Chacha said nothing can be ruled out

Sticking to his style of confusing himself and everybody in the world by way of making illogical still intelligent (for ony himself, Madamji and Rahul Baba), Digvijay Singh (Diggy Chacha) refused to accept the defeat of his theory that states worst terrorism in the world is Saffron terror and stated that “nothing can be ruled out” in Mumbai terror attacks. This is raising a question mark on the perpetrators of the act despite suspicions about Indian Mujahideen's (IM) involvement.

According to a source, Diggy Chacha who trusts only on his Diggy Chacha Private Intelligence Bureau (DCPIB) about which Indian government and Intelligence agencies are also amazed for getting so much data than they get themselves has reported him that RSS and Hindu terror may be involved in Mumbai Terror attack. A source close to Chiddu Uncle said, P. Chidambaram (Chiddu Uncle) expressed in a way of “ha ha” (his famous intellectually arrogant gesture) privately when he heard about Chacha’s statement. His usual reaction was “ignore him”. The source

Interestingly, Congress Party had not made usual official statement that it was his “personal finding”, which has created a big question mark for people. A senior Congress leader in private told DCFC reporter that Diggy Chacha is a very strange guy and currently he is focusing on winning elections in Uttar Pradesh. However, he did not rule out that perhaps Diggy Chacha may be stressed out of handling so many issues (Please see Diggy Chacha's recent coverage). Madamji should considering him for some VRS or temporary rest. This guy does not follow Diggy Chacha’s ideology.

When asked for his reaction, Digvijay Singh gave a muted response, "You cannot rule out anything." He added that he would not elaborate because he did not have the facts about the case.

Strangely, BJP has not reacted after this statement. BJP Party worker said “the leaders are rested on weekend and will react on Monday.” As we asked Singh's reply is significant as in the past he has spoken about "Sanghi terror". The party worker said “It’s unfortunate that Chacha is not keeping well. Chacha is a very energetic guy and manage multi-tasking. We wish him to recover ASAP.”

Maintaining usual sarcasm about media persons, AICC spokesman Shakeel Ahmed said, "You should ask this question to media persons sitting left and right in the room because they have named the group. Only they can answer how the culprits are identified within minutes of an incident." Terror outfits should be named only after the government had confirmed their role, he said. "This is a sensitive issue. So one should not speculate on it, it vitiates the atmosphere." However, DCFC does not understand then why Diggy Chacha does not able to keep silence. Mr. Ahmed himself has kept silence about Diggy Chacha’s statement.

Mr. Ahmed however, contradicted on the statements made by to Yuvraj’s, Raj Thackeray and Rahul Baba. Raj Thackeray’s statement he felt was irresponsible and politically motivated while Rahul Baba was 100% correct on 99% theory.

Ahmed said, "Such comments (made by Raj Thackeray) were avoidable and there should not be any politics on the tragedy but some national parties and their allies or regional outfits are doing politics on terrorism."

He defended Rahul Baba's statement about 99% success in averting terror attacks but 1% slipping through despite best policing. "In the same statement, Rahul added even 1% should not be allowed to happen," Ahmed said. However, he did not able to throw light on exact way of calculations in the theory. He said Rahul Baba is considering it to patent so that Afghanistan and Iraq intellectuals should not use it freely.

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