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Friday, 30 September 2011

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Pronobda sacks garbage collector of his office to leak 2G note

India's problem solver as like Uday Chopra in Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai (faces also resembles each other) Pranab Mukherjee (Pronobda) had taken a major step today to end the controversy of 2G note. He sacked his office's garbage collector Mr. Ramdev Chacha.

Sources said that Ramdev Chacha was a reason for the embarassment for Pronobda regarding 2G note. Pronobda threw a 2G working note in a dustbin which incidently supplied to Prime Minister's office in a soft-copy form. The note was released by frustrated and that time angered Pronobda over P (P does not mean polished though he behaves and looks like) Chidambaram (Chiddu uncle) due to some unknown reasons. Sources said Pronobda was not very happy in taking the messy finance ministry and leaving lucrative foreign ministry to SM Krishna. SM Krishna is the same lucky guy who recently met Pakistan's Hina Rabbani Khar. It resulted in an anger over Chiddu uncle and therefore he wrote a sketchy note. However, when he cooled down as like India's industrial production growth is cooling down he threw that note in his dustbin for garbage. Ramdev Chacha saw Pronobda throwing the note and took advantage and scanned the letter and sent it from Pronobda's office to PMO.

"Nobody knows who is behind Ramdev Chacha. Diggy Chacha believes it must be RSS which used Ramdev Chacha for bugging in Pronobda's office," said a Ashok Pandey, Clerk of Pronobda's office.

Pronobda confirmed the situation. He said "Hou mosh embaroshment I faced you don't know. Moy woife, Madamji no body wonted to tok to me. Evon Diggy storted kidding me. I told Romdev to leave the hoffice immediately. My frasttrashan was reflected thru shtock morket decline. Evon Shubba wosh ashking me to increash intorest rates to show his angor."

Ramdev Chacha said "Hamka kaauno baat malum naahi hai (I don't know anything). Ham anpadh aur ganwaar aadmi kyaa kar sakat hai?  (What an illiterate man like me can do?) Hamka India ke law aur Constitution pe puraa bharosaa hai aur hum ladoonga apne hak ke liye anshan bhi karunga (I believe in India's legal and constitutional process and for my right I will fight and prepare for Anna like fast). Unhone hamkaa pension bhi naahi offer kiya (He didn't offer me pension either). Ham Rahul Baba ke paas jaaunga wo aam aadmi ke akele netaa hai (I will go to Rahul Baba who is only common man's icon in India)."

One senior BJP leader said "Pronobda is trying to hide behind a common man. We wholeheartedly support Ramdev Chacha in his fight."

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