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Friday, 15 July 2011

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India is better than Pakistan, confirms Diggy Chacha

Omnipotent and most intelligent person on the earth Digvijay Singh (Diggy Chacha) confirmed that India is better than Pakistan, which drew shivers in everybody. He just came like a Krishna to save Arjuna (Rahul Gandhi/Baba) after Baba said not every terror attack can be prevented. The BJP, main opposition party accuses the Congress of being soft on terror, alleging the ruling party of being bias against the majority and a tendency to appease the minority.

In Political circle, people are asking whether our politicians learnt anything from the past. However, the war of words between the Congress and the BJP a day after the blasts you would say no, they haven't.

Rahul Baba admitted that it was perhaps impossible to make any city anywhere in the world totally terror proof. (Great Baba there was no other better way you could have given tribute to the families which lost their own people. DCFC feels unfortunate that we have political leaders like you and Diggy Chacha).

Baba further threw some light and compared with situations in Afghanistan and in Iraq saying India is better than that. (Thanks to Manmohan Singh Government and thanks to the people like Rahul Baba who dream to run India after next few years. Unfortunately, Indian people memory is very short term like Ghajini and they will forget the ridiculous statements came from these people.)

"Blasts happen in Afghanistan, in Iraq, everywhere. We should also note how many blasts have been averted by the government," Rahul Baba said.

Diggy Chacha, his mentor assertively supported Rahul Baba and went a notch ahead of him saying "Blasts happen everywhere, but we are better than Pakistan."

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