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Monday, 2 January 2012

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BCCI requests Poonam Pandey to inspire Indian Cricket team in Australia

After poor performance against Australia in the first test pushed Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) to request, India's diva and most inspirational woman after Madam Soniaji, Poonam Pandey to motivate Indian cricket team, a source told Diggy Chacha Fan Club (DCFC) reporter. The source also requested DCFC reporter to keep the news confidential on account of sensitivity of the news.

"Poonamji is very inspirational. Whole India watched the improvement in Indian team's performance in the last few matches of the World Cup 2011. The formula was very successful," the source said. "Therefore, ICC chairman personally asked BCCI chairman to consider talking to Poonamji for providing some fire in the team," the source added. He also said that Poonam loves doing social work and after completing world cup assignment she launched a social eyesight improvement website called Even youtube noticed her motivational videos and out of jealousy for success banned them immediately.

DCFC reporter asked a closed friend of Poonam who told that yesterday BCCI chairman personally met Poonam with urgent tickets to Sydney in his hands. He asked her to please defer all the other matters and visit Indian team as early as possible to give some hot tonic to Indian cricketers which are cold in India. He also told that Poonam also immediately accepted his request and told BCCI president N. Srinivasan that she is always eager to do everything for the country no matter if it is small thing like showing lovable feelings. Her friend told that Poonam immediately packed her few sets of lovable lingerie and flew away from India.

When DCFC reporter tried to contact N. Srinivasan, he was busy in suggesting Indian players how to leave the ball. He also took a special tution for Dravid to tell him how to touch the ball with the bat. When DCFC reporter asked his secretary P K Mishra, he said "Its all rubbish, while Duncan Fletcher is already there why do Board require to outsource his job to somebody else. Fletcher is sufficient enough to motivate Indian team. He also motivates rest of the extras." However, in private Mr. Mishra said "Yes thats true we have sent Poonam but we try to hide this from Auzziez as they can also appoint some inspirational teachers for their cricketers." He added "Poonamji's lectures will include how to better use the cricketing bat and ball and also improving eyesight." Please watch video below. 

DCFC reporter asked Kapil Dev for his views on sending Poonam "See, this all is rubbish. What the hell board think about itself. We didn't have these kinds of facilities at the time of 1983 world cup still we won it with our dedication and efforts. Now days, cricketers get so many facilities like inspirational lectures from Poonam Pandey. Why wouldn't they win the game without all these crap and nonsense things?"

Funny commentator Navjyot Sing Siddhu said "Paaji, when hot milk is spread on the covers of cushion, the cushion also becomes hot. Poonamji is such a hot material that makes you laugh and win the game till you don't want to win it. Board paaji, why don't you send me to judge the progress of Poonamji's inspirational lectures."

However, some of girls who are not happy with Poonam's work have different views. Famous Pakistan star Veena Malik said "I can't understand the biased attitude of the Board. Now I am in India forever plus I have different vampirish looks with inspirational touch, which also inspired Asmit Patel could have been used in better manner. Also I have experience of getting the rid of some unwanted things from my impressive frame."

Sunny Leone said "I am studying the development very closely and would like to participate in Poonam like social work. I am very enthued if she would allow me to become her ardent follower."
Old Indian cricketer and famous slapster, Harbhajan Singh said "If this is true, then I will really slap Ashwin so hard that he would not play in Indian team again. I will ask Geeta (Basra) to confirm this news.

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