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Friday, 15 July 2011

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Government to introduce new intelligence agency headed by Diggy Chacha as Chiddu Uncle said he didn’t have information before the terror attack

Post terror attack on Wednesday, strong with heart and great with brain Union home minister P Chidambaram (Chiddu Uncle) made a strange statement, he said that the government did not have any intelligence inputs about Wednesday's blast with central and state agencies (unfortunately, Chiddu Uncle why would terrorists inform to your honorable agencies before any attack or may be they don’t know the code of conduct or may be your agencies have not done their work properly, First drink and then think).

Again Chiddu Uncle gave some weird statement he said that Wednesday's Mumbai blasts were coordinated terror attack (as we weren’t know) and that all groups that are capable of carrying out such blasts are suspects (Please Uncle tell something that people don’t know, and if you are such ill informed as the people are then you have to think again for your Finance Minister’s post, and also its your duty to suspect everybody and not just suspect but to arrest and clear the case within a year with proper punishment such as hanged till death, by the way what is the progress regarding Afzal Guru and Kasab please inform us ASAP).

DCFC talked with Congress sources whether Diggy Chacha can throw some light on Mumbai terror attack. The source said after the failure of India’s reputed intelligence agencies, the government is considering work to be allotted to Diggy Chacha Private Intelligence Bureau (DCPIB). The source said DCPIB is a proven intelligence agency which worked on many assignments.

Achievements of DCPIB
DCPIB helped Diggy Chacha introduced phrase “Saffron Terror”.
It also told Saffron Terror is a biggest threat in India than even Pakistan.
ATS Hemant Karkare called Diggy Chacha (this is not DCPIB but Diggy Chacha’s personal achievement) to say that his life was “blighted by constant threats” from those opposed to his probe into the Malegaon blast in which Hindu extremists were accused.
DCPIB exposed Mayawati’s land issues.
Diggy Chacha took the challenge to expose Mayawati in Deputy CMO YS Sachan's death due to his trust on DCPIB.
DCPIB exposed corrupt politicians in Madhya Pradesh.
DCPIB told actual truth that Suresh Kalmadi and Ashok Chavan are innocent.

We asked the source that can Diggy Chacha comment on the yesterday’s unfortunate event. He said Diggy Chacha is focused guy first thing first. First he is concentrating on UP elections and after that he will give his comment. However, the source clarified that he sticks to his statement that Hindu terrorists and RSS are a bigger threat vis-à-vis Pakistan.

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