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Thursday, 6 September 2012

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Breaking News: Manmohan Singh found eating Chole Bhature in a dhaba in Delhi as like a poor construction labor

India Satire correspondent also issued a clipping of short interview with Dr. Singh
India Satire correspondent found India's Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in Dara's Dhaba, a dhaba located between Delhi-Gurgaon road while eating chole bhature as like a poor labor is eating the stuff.
"It was shocking, I can see him eating chole bhature with emotional and sentimental expressions on his face," said an official of Prime Minister's Office (PMO) urging not to disclose his identity.
He said "I can sense him look like a poor labor that just after hard work has seated in a dhaba to eat some spicy stuff. Look at expressions on his face; he looks very insipid and burdened."
While the government took a defensive stand describing the situation of Dr. Singh as a sucked baby by opposition party leaders, BJP denied all the allegations and said that he doesn't look like sucked baby but a baby whose tummy has expanded after the coal block allocations.
BJP leader Shahnawaj Hussain marked a pointer on the photo where Dr. Singh's tummy looked abnormally wide.
He said "Look at this he doesn't look like a construction worker, as you Congress paid guy trying to show. He looks quite healthy out of eating lots of butter naans and butter roties made on coal based gas. I am sure that this dhabewala was also allocated a coal block and chole bhature also made of the coal based gas only."
However, Congress party denied all the allegations and said that it was out of obesity which has been developed in Prime Minister because of BJP Party's irrelevant claims.
"That is shocking yaar, we also didn't watch it carefully. But the increase in his waist line looks like out of obesity due to late night sleep, eating junk food and stressed out for entire day and night," said Congress Senior Leader Salman Khurshid.
Khurshid also told correspondent "See how poor he looks like. He looks very much like a construction labor that is paid just 20 rupees per day. See how much happy he is eating chole bhature, as like he is eating that dish after a many years."

When Correspondent asked Khurshid that any measures government is taking to reduce Singh's weight and make him somewhat happy, Khurshid said "After watching the photograph, Madamji took an urgent meeting and appointed a one man commission under the guidance of Food Minister."
Khurshid also disclosed that the case is now under Human Rights Commission, which is going to make a thorough study over Dr. Singh why do he look so poor, unhealthy and sucked up.
India Satire correspondent issued few exclusive photographs of Manmohan Singh in Dara's dhaba. The correspondent also had a short interview with Singh.
Correspondent: Dr. Singh, what do you think about India's current economic situation?
Dr. Singh: Mmmmmmmm... (Murmur)
Correspondent: Why are you eating chole bhature here? And why your shirt looks so cheap and why are you looking a construction worker?
Dr. Singh: Mmmmmmmm... (Murmur)
Correspondent: Where is Soniaji?
Dr. Singh: She is at Janpath.
Correspondent: What is she doing?
Dr. Singh: Oye she must be having serious chat with BJP leaders on how not to suck my brains.
Correspondent: Is it regarding coal blocks?
Dr. Singh: Mmmmmmmm... (Murmur)
Correspondent: So do you think there is any kind of correlation between coal issues and India's inflation?
Dr. Singh: Mmmmmmmm... (Murmur)
Correspondent: Why don't you answer questions?
Dr. Singh: Oye jaata hai ki nahi yahaa se. Mujhe cholle aur bhatture jaldise khaane de. Madamji bulaati hongi.

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