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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

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Facebook to enter into washing machine market, announces Facebook Washing Machine for social networking savvy ladies

Ladies now can access Facebook on washing machines
After getting an immense amount of publicity on the entry in the Smartphone market, Facebook announced that it will launch Smart Washing Machine for social networking savvy ladies by 2014.

The company's chief Mark Zuckerberg said "We will immediately line up the Facebook Washing Machine's launch, after the launch of Facebook Smartphone."
Revealing the need for the washing machine equipped with social networking, Zuckerberg said "Most of the ladies in the world are engaged their 2-3 hours on washing the clothes through their washing machines and really gets difficult to post their statuses on Facebook. Our washing machines will allow them to access Facebook on the machine only. Along with washing and drying the clothes, they can also post their statuses, mention likes, access different pages which support better cleaning of house and washing the clothes, etc. They can also join or make their own pages. It would be as easy as a user accesses Facebook on the internet."
Facebook Washing Machine will have a screen with Facebook loaded and using wi-fi or 3G technology, ladies can access it.
"We shall use Smartphone's screen so that they can easily use the touchscreen mode. For few people who like to type can use QWERTY keypad as well," said Zuckerberg.
Zuckerberg's announcement immediately caught a big amount of eyeballs on the internet. While many Zuckerberg followers immediately clicked on the like button, many critics started criticizing Facebook's move as it is going into unrelated business.
Businessweek covered a story 'A Facebook Washing Machine: Ambitius Leap or Fatal Mistake' while Business Insider said 'Here's why the Facebook Washing Machine Will Be An Absolute Disaster.' Sources said that these critics only replaced word phone with washing machine and circulated similar article due to timely posting requirements.
Few optimistic analysts predicted that entry in the washing machine markets would surely help Facebook shares to get support at near $0.4 to 0.7 levels.
Mark Pinchar, an equity analyst said "I am a bit optimist and wouldn't like to say that Facebook should be traded at zero dollars. I would say the inventory of Facebook's washing machine in year 2014 would be valued at 0.4 to 0.6 dollars per share."

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