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Thursday, 8 September 2011

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What have we learnt from past mistakes.... Diggy Chacha's tracker find out the answers.

Diggy Chacha Fan Club does not know whether our government really learnt anything from past mistakes to secure us in future. Mumbai Serial Blast attack is not even completed a period of 2 months. But one thing is sure, our politicians learnt from mistakes they made in last terror attack on how not make irresponsible speeches. Though, Diggy Chacha has to go a long way. We have tracked the statements the few top leaders made after Mumbai Blasts (then) and statements they made or not after Delhi Blasts (now). 

Chiddu Uncle then: Intelligence agencies were not intelligent enough... they were not informed by terrorist groups before the Mumbai serial blast attack

Chiddu Uncle now: Intelligence pertaining to threats emanating from certain groups was shared with Delhi Police in July 2011.

Diggy Chacha then: RSS may be involved. Hindu Terror is much dangerous for India than any other. Who knows who had done these attacks?

Diggy Chacha now: "Authorities need to ponder why such incidents keep happening at one place. Those who are in positions of power (Chiddu Uncle, are you listening?) need to pay attention to this." 

Rahul Baba then: "99% of the terror attacks had been stopped in the country, thanks to various measures, including improved intelligence (? ha ha ha). It is very difficult to stop any single terrorist attack. We must stop 100 percent attack (DCFC comment which our government will do after 2014 elections.)"

"Blasts happen in Afghanistan, in Iraq, everywhere. We should also note how many blasts have been averted by the government," Rahul Baba said.

Diggy Chacha, his mentor assertively supported Rahul Baba and went a notch ahead of him saying
"Blasts happen everywhere, but we are better than Pakistan."

Rahul Baba now: Mouth is shut... I will not say anything till Mumma comes.

We shall update our readers with more such statements. Please come back.

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