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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

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Nithyananda on stress and tensions in life

Sex is biggest stress reliever, which is not available for me - Nithyananda
I start my Nithyananda Vani with few good sweet names on my tongue. Though, here in jail there is hardly any sweet name or face, I can recall some of them from my strong memories. First name comes to my mind is Ranjitha then whatever else. Oops... sucks why Vivek's name came to my mind, I think I am straight. Sucks! Stop thinking about sweet names and directly head to the topic.

So today life has become very much stressful. It's not just for India or America's headache but an universal phenomena. I would say planetary phenomena. See now sun is stressed out because of his ass always fucked by his own fire. See the moon that is stressed out of age old coldness. Obama is stressed out of Hillary's hilarious but non-comic jokes while Angela Merkel by thinking that she would not recover German money even after 100 years from Greece and Spain as there would be no person alive in these countries. So much and so deep stress all over!
Story of India is a little bit different. Here stress can be transferable. Manmohan is not stressed out because his stress is taken over by Sonia aunty while Rahul Baba transfers any kind of stress to his tea and table spoons otherwise he would himself require to study and read many papers and books.
So what can we learn from my deeper thought process and analysis on stress is that Indians are little bit less stressed out as stress can be transferable here unlike other countries. The stress is also negotiable in India. While Pranab Mukherjee was stressed out of the idea of becoming Prime Minister, Sonia aunty negotiated better position of President for him. My internal sources in the government told me that Pranab is yet confused why Sonia was so much kind enough to offer him President's position rather than offering it to her son, as the position was best one in India. Ok so next, while Pranab was stressed out whether he will become President or not, his party people negotiated Mulayam Singh Yadavji. Mamata Banerjee finally negotiated in a way that she wouldn't participate only makes herself stress free.
So my first analysis say that transfer the stress you will be relieved from stress. Second solution was, negotiate the stress and you will be stress free. Both these options/solutions are available in India. Now the third one would be indulge in sex you will be stress free. This one is available everywhere in the world.
So I come to actual point now, why I am stressed out. See when somebody blocks you from doing natural activities like pissing, shitting, drinking then you will get irritated or say in proper words, stressed out. Now these idiot law makers have stopped me from doing my natural activity like sex and made me stressed out. I really tried to use all the above three methods of injection but couldn't get out of it. I transferred my stress but my self-conscious continuously said that no it's my birth right to have somebody. I negotiated with them saying any aunty or granny I would be comfortable with but they didn't negotiate. Finally, I told them at least give me an uncle which also they said that you will get but you will not get any aunty in return.

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