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Saturday, 24 March 2012

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SP Tulsian hit hard on investor's nose, who 'inversely' follows Tulsian's advices and became millionaire

Another addition to slapgate saga


In a seriously funny event, SP Tulsian, India's most talented equity analyst /recommender /investor gave a piece of mind to Hitesh Patel who became crorepati after inversely following SP Tulsian's stock recommendations given on CNBC TV18 early in the morning. First, Tulsian painted his 5 fingers on Hitesh's cheeks and then a solid punch on his nose.

The event happened after Tulsian was out for a cutting tea downstairs of CNBC TV18 studios with Udayan Mukherjee when Hitesh came to Tulsian. Sources said that Hitesh congratulated and thanked Tulsian for giving stock recommendations which made him crorepati. Tulsian showed his happiness, which was just a momentary. When Hitesh told Tulsian that he just used one strategy that whatever Tulsian said Buy, he used to Sell and if Tulsian said Sell he used to Buy, this way he gained crores of money.

The statement just infuriated Tulsian so much that he first slapped on Hitesh's face and afterwards hit a hard punch on his nose. Eye witnesses told that Hitesh was bleeding for a while.

Hitesh said "I was in no fault. I just went ovr there and thanked him. Was that my fault? I just told him how I became rich. Was that my fault? This is really bad demonstration of arrogance."

Hitesh also told that he would not take legal help as he thinks that Tulsian was a reason why he is now crorepati.

Hitesh said "I still remember those days when I used to wake up early in the morning switched on TV set where SP Tulsian was already set, talking with Udayan Mukherjee. I don't understand English besides usual words 'Thank you', 'Sorry' and 'Bye'. But whenever Tulsian used to say I recommend buy on this stock or sell on this stock I immediately used to place my order with my broker. Whenever Tulsian used to say buy, I just used to sell the stock and vice versa. Those dedicated efforts made me crorepati. I have his photo in my bedroom and every day I offer him prayers, Agarbatti and flowers."

"Yea that was correct. I hit him so hard for irritating me," said furious SP Tulsian "It's fine if my recommended stocks inversely helped an investor, but why such a demonstration. It seriously hurts my image."

Udayan Mukherjee kept a mum, as he didn't want to get involved in all such nitti grittys while Mitali Mukherjee, his co-anchor told Diggy Chacha Fan Club (DCFC) reporter that she was worried about the harm for secrecy of CNBC TV 18, as very few people knew the trick to make money and if general public like Hitesh Patel would know it means a damage to confidentiality.
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