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Thursday, 19 July 2012

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Indian government to form Rain Ministry to stabilize rain situation in India

Infosys is appointed to solve the cloud related issues
In a rapid action plan for rain deficient India, the government appointed Rain Ministry on the urgent basis, according to sources close to the development.
"The government will announce India's first Rain Minister shortly," told a source, which requested anonymity.
He said "India's situation is becoming quite fearsome, and government seriously felt requirement to appoint a seperate ministry regarding rains, as it was quite related to Indian people. This ministry will allocate budget on repairing, maintaining and stabilising clouds in the skies."
The sources also told India Satire correspondent that Infosys has been already appointed for the repair and maintenance work of cloud. The company will offer entire range of cloud related services which include Cloud Ecosystem Integrator, Cloud strategy and planning, Cloud enablement, Cloud migration, Cloud security and Cloud sustenance.
"Infosys is specialised in cloud related skills also they have free employees on the benches which can easily remove all the plugs of pollutions on the clouds and open all the holes so that rain can easily pass through," told the official source.
The government is trying to stabilise the situation before the parliamentary session on August 8 starts, as it would avoid unnecessary ruckus created by opposition parties. While all the clouds are choked up and needed to get unplugged.
Minister of Environment, Jayanthi Natarajan said "Actually, I can't divulge the details about Rain Ministry but the government is trying to act fast. A panel of empowered group of ministers (EGoM) will soon visit the climate and will check where actually blockages have come to the clouds. Infosys is going to send us in the clouds through its undisputed cloud computing technology."
Infosys management confirmed the development and said the company has achieved immense talent in cloud computing, stabilising, repairing and maintaining them.
The company's CEO and MD S. D. Shibulal said "We have many free employees lying in the company. However, they are well trained in clouds and we are happy that the government has chosen us for such a wonderful unique profile."
According to sources, this is first of its kind of job that Infosys received from the government.
The company's Co-Founder and Executive Co-Chairman S. Gopalakrishnan said "We have a great toolkit to open all the blockages in the cloud. The company has developed its own hammer, screws and nut-bolts to repair the cloud. We have a big broom to clean the cloud. Plus we shall give 5 big empty buckets to feel the water to each software professional so that he would not come empty handed if he unables to remove the blockages. The movement of rain would be very smooth and clear. Howerver, for first 2-3 days rains would be unclear as we expect there may be a lot of pollution and mud has developed. However, by using our expertise into cloud computing, we shall resolve that issue too."
It has been said that Infosys has offered 5 extra holes from themselves for free each cloud.
"Yes that is our policy, we offer value addition to the service at free of cost. We also expect this particular contract will take our ROE to new highs," said Gopalakrishnan.

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