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Thursday, 13 September 2012

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Manmohan Singh cherishes his memories of Old Monk with Boondi Raita

Sometimes besan ka laddoo was enough with Black Label
In a short interview to India Satire Correspondent, Manmohan Singh oozed out his pain and emotion while memorizing the great old days with Old Monk and Boondi Raita.
"Oye Correspondent, I didn't want to go in depth of my memories but you are representing India Satire I would like to tell everything that makes me emotional, numb, dumb and dumped," said India's bravest and most tolerating Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh.
He said "I still recall those memories when I was having Old Monk with me and chana kurmura along with boondi raita on the other side. With every one sip of Old Monk I used to have some chana, some kurmura and one or two spoons of raita. Wow what combination that was. Each and every sip gave me a clear kick of seventh heaven. However, now I feel fu*ked off and can't really enjoy such wonderful experience despite all these things are with me."
He also told that sometimes he also used to eat besan ka laddoo, which they call chakna in Mumbai with great brands like black label.
Talking on the company of the people which used to accompany him, Manmohan said "I used to have Old Monk with different economists, which used to talk about how India can put on a great growth track. How the reforms can be made using different economic jargons."
Manmohan was flawless on sharing his experiences, he also grunted emotionally while talking about the exposure that the post of economist gave him.
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He rubbishes claims that he can't talk in front of reporters by saying that he mesmerized entire economist community in the past by delivering few intelligent words.
"People come to listen to me. But these days everybody come to listen to what Madam is doing, how she will react to opposition's demands, to demands of allies, etc. Nobody come to listen to my actual opinion on the economy," said sentimental Manmohan Singh.

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