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Thursday, 19 July 2012

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Boss rejected demand of junior to stay cool for one day

Growing demand from juniors to announce a day when boss would not pretend to be dejected or deprived
A survey conducted by Piss Off Organization gave shocking numbers that 99.9% juniors in India feel that their bosses looked like they are pissed off, dejected or deprived souls just because they either pretend it or they are originally like that.
Suresh Malhotra, Senior Surveyor of Piss Off Organization said "We have conducted a vast survey among 32300 Indians which gives astonishing results to us. 99.9% junior colleagues think that the face of their boss is the major reason why they don't feel motivating towards work."
The study said that most of the junior colleagues move to rest rooms just to avoid seeing face of their bosses as first thing in the morning.
"Guys, his face is so irritating that I feel his wife told him to clean floor and wash crockery over night. He always looks dejected and deprived soul," said one of the candidates of the Survey, requesting anonymity.
One candidate said "I requested him once that chill down for one day in a month at least, he just threw a file on my face asking me to watch the file rather than his face, which I also felt a good idea."
Many candidates have suggested that a day should be declared as No Boss Day in a year in the lines of Valentine's day, Parents day and No Smoking day.
"That would be a good idea. My boss looks like a fruit which has sucked till the end (Chusa hua aam) that really penetrate my ass into my head. If Indian government declares such kind of day we will be happiest people in the world," said one candidate.

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