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Thursday, 19 July 2012

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Citizens of Mumbai prayed to God for rains to get at least a day's holiday

A notice issued to God, if he doesn't send heavy rain serious agitation is possible
Deficient monsoon of India has affected Mumbaikars a lot, which reflected in a candle light march by most of the citizens yesterday night for requesting God to send heavy shore of rains for at least 2-3 days.
"Guys it's damn fucking to go for work everyday and we work like ass holes. At least every year we get free 1 to 2 days leave from the office because of heavy rains. This year sucks; neither the rains came nor we got any leave," said Rohit Sharma, a Clerk in the private company (un named because of sensitive issue).
Mumbai has a track record of heavy rains which helps in collapsing the railway tracks and roads. However, this year because of deficient monsoon, Mumbaikars have to work every day and they lost their righteous leave.
Few Mumbaikars have shown their outrage on the laziness of the God and asked him to send some showers if he has capabilities.
"Oh that's really torturous yaar, I am dreaming these days that outside its raining heavily and I seating in my bedroom is enjoying Kanda Bhajji. But rain God sucks, I feel like loser," said Vivek Agnihotri, an Investment Banker in a reputed firm in Mumbai.
However, sensible citizens asked to keep calm and wait for few days before any serious agitation.

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