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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

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Rahul Gandhi have not visited single aam aadmi during last 6 months - Reports

Opposition asked government to look into matters why Rahul's interest dried in visiting aam aadmi
India's senior young leader and Congress candidate as Prime Minister in 2014 elections, Rahul Gandhi has not visited for a single aam aadmi's house during last 6 months. This was the longest period that Rahul Gandhi was deprived from eating daal roti in common man's house. The astonishing results came after a Survey conducted by India Satire Intelligence Survey Agency (ISISA) visited through all the Google searches and news for last 6 months.
"It is shocking. How is it possible that Rahul Gandhi had not visited any of aam aadmi to have lunch or dinner or free stay for last 6 months since UP elections," said BJP President, Nitin Gadkari.
He said "Government should answer the reason why these days Rahul Gandhi is not visiting common man's house. This is total hypocrisy. While on one side the government is telling Indians that they are pushing reforms for the legitimate rights of Indian consumers and on the other side Rahul Gandhi stopped visiting aam aadmi's house. This is ridiculous and totally inhumane."
Even Human Rights Commission blasted on Rahul Gandhi's deliberate haul over the night stay or dinner party with aam aadmi.
K G Balakrishnan, Chairman of National Human Rights Commission of India (NHRC) said "We thought that Rahul was the real hope for all deprived and hungry aam aadmis of India. However, his ignorance towards this section is bitter truth right now. Data suggests that he never took such a big gap (almost more than 6 months) in visiting to aam aadmis houses. We can understand, Sachin Tendulkar taking a rest of 2-3 years from making centuries, but Rahul why is he doing that?"
However, Congress Party denied all such allegations and told that right now Rahul Gandhi is doing some introspection.
Senior Leader of Congress Party, Digvijay Singh said "Rahul Baba is practicing to become number 2 leader in the Congress Party. Every day he poses 2-3 hours in front of mirror to get a real feel of no. 2 leader. He also stopped meaningless smile and trying to look mature and a bit intelligent for-a-change. So everything is going according to plan which is not allowing him to give a bit of time to his favorite aam aadmis. But I am sure that after a few month of rigorous practice, he will start visiting house of aam aadmi for a stay or lunch and dinner. I believe by next 2 months he will give at least one visit each month to achieve all the aam aadmis faster deliverance from their sins and their consequences."
However, one idiot Congress leader keeping his identity anonymous said that Rahul Gandhi would not involve in any visit to aam aadmi till next elections in 2014 come.

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