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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

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Narendra Modi charged for forgetting his hanky in his bathroom

Central Government announced a CBI inquiry and asked Modi to take the responsibility
Gujarat's Chief Minister Narendra Modi is charge sheeted for forgetting his handkerchief (rumaal) in his bathroom. Finding his irresponsible nature and opposition's uproar along with wide coverage of Indian media, the Central Government announced a CBI inquiry.
"I couldn't have thought earlier that forgetting my hanky would have caused me so much pain," said regretted Narendra Modi who was already bashed by UPA and media after Supreme Court almost reached there to consensus to expose his alleged involvement in Gujarat riot case.
He said "I feel really idiotic for forgetting my hanky in my bathroom and which received so much wider coverage across the nation."
The news first leaked by CNN IBN, when senior Editor Rajdeep Sardesai himself visited through Modi's bathroom in sting operation. Sources said that his sweeper, Ramlal was the first to inform Sardesai. However, Ramlal denied all the allegations.
"I was there in his bathroom just after he bathed and move to his office. I scanned through entire room and found out a neat, clean and well pressed handkerchief lying on the floor," said Rajdeep Sardesai.
He said "I congratulate my cameraman and another guy in his house who is mostly secular and supported us throughout the operation."
"The entire saga when CNN IBN reported on its news channel, it received wide coverage and requests for the video of sting operation," said CNN IBN's Senior manager, "NDTV and Times NOW requested the clippings with offering the good sum of money."
Opposition parties of Gujarat created ruckus on the entire episode and asked Narendra Modi to resign from his post.
"When you are so irresponsible guy that you forget your hanky which too is well pressed, how will you manage the entire state properly?" asked Keshubhai Patel, ex-Chief Minister of Gujarat and rival of Narendra Modi.
He said "Modi should resign from his post for doing such heinous activity."
Congress Party's senior leader Digvijay Singh said "I know Narendra Modi's ancestors, they were from tribal regions of Somalia where already hanky is used as cloth and protect important hidden organ. But Modi's irresponsible act only shows that he doesn't really care for the value of that cloth."
While Gujarat Police filed a case against Modi as an irresponsible person, electricity regulator is planning to charge for using energy to press the handkerchief while Environment Minister Jayanthi Natarajan said that the case should also be filed under the immensely wasting useful and necessary resources.
Considering the intensity of the matter, the Central Government handed over the case to CBI.

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