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Sunday, 26 August 2012

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Real immigrant Bangladeshis are confused about whom these Indians are talking about

Real migrant Bangladeshis showed their confusion over the topic of illegal immigrants from Bangladeshis and asked whether why Indians are discussing that illogical topic and why not focus on their work.
"Who are these illegal migrant Bangladeshis? Why everyday media is posting some extreme leader's speech. We are all confused here," said Arif Zakariwala who was a trader in Dhaka but shifted to Mumbai recently as the city offers more opportunity.
He said "Why these people are making hue and cry. Its fine yaar they can go to Bangladesh and do job there instead of making a kind of rhetoric."
He said he is altogether confused whether people need to really focus on the issue.
He said "I never saw any Bangladeshi in this city. I am from Dhaka but I also never saw any Bangladeshi over there. Ghaash... I don't know how do they look or smell. But I never saw any kind of Bangladeshi in my life."

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