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Saturday, 21 July 2012

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Western Railway motormen celebrated Rahul Gandhi's larger role in Congress Party by shutting local trains

All motormen gathered and kept silence for 5 hours, showing support to Rahul Baba
At least 400 motormen of Western Railway stopped working for 5 years celebrating the news that Rahul Gandhi agreed on larger role the Congress, giving their salutes to would be Prime Minister of India.
"Actually, people misunderstood with the strike rather than we stopped working," said Pradip Mahajan, one of the motormen who also shut his local and went to Azad Maidan in Mumbai just to celebrate the news that Rahul Baba will play a larger role.
He said "We actually wanted to celebrate the news by keeping a silence for some time to show we are also ready for Rahul Gandhi to act larger and more mature."
After the silence hour, all 434 motormen started their trains and served the Mumbai Passengers.
Reacting to such a wonderful crowd surrounding and gathering to celebrate, Congress Party issued a thanks giving note.
"We are overwhelmed with the support of so many common Indian masses. Thanks to Western Railway motormen for giving their undisputed support. I appeal to all the idiot passengers that when such kind of celebrations happen don't consider it as strike and please don't make chaos. I would suggest them to go with motormen and support their celebration party," said Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh.

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