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Friday, 23 September 2011

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IDEA Cellular plans defamation case against Diggy Chacha

In a negative development for Diggy Chacha, IDEA Cellular plans for a defamation case against Diggy Chacha as he used the company's tagline "What an idea Sirji!"

Earlier Diggy Chacha said on a public social networking platform "Anna to go to (g-t-g) Pakistan! Wow! What an idea Sirji. They need him more than us! Who would run his campaign there? Any one from RSS? Indreshji?,"

When DCFC reporter called IDEA's spokesperson he confirmed the development. The spokesperson said "It was a copyrighted material. He can't steal it from us without permission. We want compensation from Diggyji. Further, it's we who will decide who should promote IDEA advertisement and we already have contract with Abhishek Bachchan (only IDEA ad fame AB Baby). And we would never like to promote an ad by Diggyji kind of people otherwise our rising popularity will start going down. Even AB Baby is quite depressed as he afraid that people will start comparing him with Diggyji after that statement. He is fine that if people compare him with Uday Chopra (yesteryear actor) but Diggyji should not be used for the comparison."
DCFC reporter tried to contact Diggy Chacha, however, he remained unavailable as he was busy in UP elections.

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