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Friday, 2 November 2012

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On footsteps of Karti Chidambaram, Police arrested Digvijay Singh instead of India Satire’s Diggy Chacha for making persistent fun on Rahul Gandhi


Police apologized for arresting fake Digvijay Singh instead of arresting real Diggy Chacha

Following the footsteps of P Chidambaram's son Karti Chidambaram who complained against Twitter user Ravi Srinivasan (@ravi_the_indian), India's future Prime Minister Rahul Gandhi also launched a complaint against India Satire's author Diggy Chacha. However, unaware of whom actual Diggy Chacha is the Police arrested Congress Party's Senior Leader Digvijay Singh.

"What the f*ck? How can they arrest me for some other idiot's writing? That IT Law is not for we politicians, can't these stu*id Police understand," said Digvijay Singh who is out on bail.

He said "How can I write something funny on my buttery baby Rahul Baba? Forget Baba I can't write about Vadra too despite I am highly funny character and he is damn idi*t."

Sources said, as soon as Police received the complaint from Rahul Gandhi they suddenly became hyperactive and put a trap to capture the real culprit. The Police Force arrested Digvijay Singh when he was busy addressing a rally.

Delhi Police Commissioner Neeraj Kumar said "We got a little bit confused. We match the speeches of Digvijayji of last so many years and the articles of India Satire. We found same fun quotient and stupidity in those articles too. That's why we thought that Digvijayji must be different from inside and wears a mask on his face when comes to outside. We immediately called Rahulji who told us to go ahead after asking his Mummy."

However, a detailed inquiry of the, forensic report and strong claims from the advocate of Digvijay Singh in Magistrate's office helped him to get released on a bail.

Talking to media, Digvijay Singh said "There may be similarity in the names of both of us. Our fun quotient, satirical nature and entertainment value may be the same but these idiots should need to understand that I want to become MP's chief minister in next 2 years then how would I make fun of Rahul Baba. I would never say any bad word to my beloved Rahulji and Sonia Madamji. I can be satirical only for RSS, BJP, Annaji and Arvind Baba."

Digvijay Singh also raised questions over transparency in Kapil Sibal made IT Law.

"How dare he make such an opaque policy?" Digvijay Singh said talking about Section 66 (a) of the IT Act.

"That guy has not maintained anything that politicians, particularly UPA leaders are exempt from talking any kind of bullsh*t while aam aadmi is not at all exempted," said Digvijay Singh.

However, when his personal assistant informed him that there is such a provision in the section 'Conditions Apply', Digvijay Singh said "Still the onus is on Kapil Sibal. Why he didn't educate Delhi Police for implementation of the law."

According to sources, Police is now searching India Satire's author and real Diggy Chacha and apologized to fake Diggy Chacha (Digvijay Singh).

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