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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

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Rahul Gandhi unsettled results in Gujarat elections, 50% are not sure they will vote Narendra Modi

An extensive survey of CNN IBN before the Gujarat Polls suggested that the arrival and speech of Rahul Gandhi stir the entire political arena and now almost 50% are unsure that they will vote Narendra Modi or not.

"We are not sure. We feel that somehow Rahul Gandhi opened our eyes and we may not vote BJP. Is this the way I should talk Rajdeep ji?" said Bhupen Patel, a common man from Surat who was going to vote for BJP earlier.

Chief Editor of CNN IBN, Rajdeep Sardesai who handled the entire survey with his team to understand the impact of the presence of Rahul Gandhi was quite surprised with the results.

"It was shocking to see the reactions. We put heart beats and blood pressure measurement meters on all the people that come to listen to Rahulji to understand what happens if he comes near to them, or if he talks or if he walks or even if he just smiles," said Rajdeep Sardesai.

He said "The results were unexpected. As soon as Rahul Gandhi arrived at the stage, blood pressure of 50% present there rose to 250 levels and when he started talking it grew to 450 and when he decided to leave the stage it went to 1000. According to the study, reading of 1000 means all those 50% accepted Rahulji as their leader and decided to vote for Congress. While when we checked rest 50%, as soon as Rahulji started talking their blood pressure rose to 500 which maintained till he left the stage. That means all of them are now confused whether to vote for BJP or not."

Rajdeep Sardesai said this was a first of its kind of the survey that CNN IBN conducted.

"We are happy that CNN IBN brought Rahul Baba over here. I felt like crying with full of emotions in my heart. I may be go and vote may be to Shankarsinh Waghela. Am I talking correct Rajdeep ji? And are my expressions perfect to show my emotions?" said Jitendra Shah, a resident of Ahmedabad.

According to political analysts, the facts are the actually a victory of Rahul Gandhi's name and his charishma.

A political analyst, Tushar Pandey said "It was expected but not that much. Rahul made the day for Gujaratis. He was the first leader who talked so much on Mahatmaji for hours in front of Gujaratis. They are happy and the result shows that they want to give him a surprise gift of shedding all their votes in favour of Arjun Modhwadia."

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