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Friday, 23 September 2011

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Twitter CEO, Dick Costolo glads that Diggy uses twitter as his platform to communicate

Pleased by two tweets of world famous and most intelligent and advanced creature of universe, Digvijay Singh (Diggy Chacha), Twitter CEO Dick Costolo held a press briefing at Twitter HQ this morning. "Diggy has completely astonished us by sending 2 tweets like two bombs. We have a serious proud feeling that he used Twitter as his weapon launcher. The popularity of twitter went sky highs now. We added 30mn new subscribers in a day and we expect we shall add 200mn users during the current year (twitter added 200mn users last time in over a period of 5 years).

Dick Costolo was responding to the response that recently twitter got from a numerous users after Diggy Chacha sent two tweets. Diggy Chacha in his tweet briefing, where nobody asks question or no need to give answer tweeted "Busy time for RSS! Have to organise three Yatras on corruption. Advaniji's, Anna's and Baba Ramdev's. Best wishes to them," and "Anna to go to (g-t-g) Pakistan! Wow! What an idea Sirji. They need him more than us! Who would run his campaign there? Any one from RSS? Indreshji?," he wrote. Dick mentioned "Both the tweets depicted the sense-o-humour of Diggy Chaochao. We are astonished. People came back again and again to read the tweets across the globe. They are very interesting."

Sources closed to development said that Dick is planning to prepone the IPO as well. "There is no worry for the IPOs success. We shall launch it in India and we firmly believe that we shall get humongous success and value in India. Diggy's name is sufficient here," said Evan Williams, Director of Twitter. He added "In the current global slowdown scenario earlier we deferred the IPO but now we are seriously considering it. We also believe that India will give us much better valuation than US as it supports Diggy Chaochao in a big way."

"We believe that Diggy will be the most followed user in twitter breaking all the records of Sachin Tendulkar," Dick Costolo said. "We also plan to increase the capacity of our servers to accommodate such a huge response all over the world," he added.

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