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Friday, 21 September 2012

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Mulayam is maoist - Mamata Banerjee

(After her second failed attempt to irritate UPA government, Mamata Banerjee raised voice against Mulayam. This is her exclusive column with India Satire Correspondent after her defeat against Congress.)
Khabo roshogulla, roshogulla, roshogulla. Kitnaa roshogulla khaaboge agor mulayam roshogulla hard ban jaayega to kyaa karoge? Yes Mulayam roshogulla is hard, hard like stone, a rock hard. Hard like tortoise back and hard like something or many other things.
He is hard and he is no soft matching all the qualities of Maoist. Yes he is maoist which I discovered last time only when that Pranab another maoist was selected as President of India.
That time I went to meet her. Initially, this guy told me that he always be there for sister and never turns down his word. But after just one day, forget one day within few hours he turned down his word comfortably and told when he committed me. That is hard stone who doesn't want to get behind bars. Yes he is stone and rock too. He is maoist. Total id*ot maoist. When I asked him that time you called me sister, he told that he received call from his Mummy in New Delhi who ordered him that Pranabda is like God and he should serve him without any hesitation. Wow.
Yesterday, also he told everybody that he would or would not support UPA government. I think at least this time this idi*t would keep his word. But as like maoist he again turned it down and said that to stop secular forces he has to support. This time also he told me that he got a call from Mummy early in the morning asking him lift his ass in front of few CBI guys and get some bash on it if he doesn't really support the government.
That reminds me the power of the most powerful person is always like hold anybody's balls in the hand and asks him for his revering support. Neither that guy would oppose nor any body would come to know. When will I become so much powerful? Hmmm

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