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Monday, 2 April 2012

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Tarikh pe tarikh, tarikh pe tarikh, frustrated fan finally morphed Poonam Pandey's photo to see her nude image


Poonam told India Satire that she kept her promise after India won the world cup

A frustrated fan of Poonam Pandey in Kolkata morphed her picture and finally stripped her for her other fans. While Poonam was upset to see such a kind of sick effort, her fan told that he was so much frustrated for a long wait that finally he himself took efforts to morph her picture.

"It was waiting for a long time. Tarikh pe tarikh tarikh pe tarikh. First she said she would do after India won the World Cup, then that postponed to Anna Hazare's strike and after that Congress Party, Rahul Baba's marriage. I lost my patience. I am also a human being. How much she wanted me to wait? Finally, I decided to do it myself," said her fan (name undisclosed) to India Satire correspondent.

However, Poonam Pandey who was busy celebrating National Cleavage Day couldn't buy her fan's statement. She said her fan didn't have any kind of moral values and social responsibilities.

She said "Yea I promised to the world that I would strip my clothes off if India won. But that was in my bathroom and not in front entire world. I kept my word. For entire day I didn't wash myself and after India won I went to my bathroom and took a bath without clothes. So that way I kept my word. Now these idiots if think that I was going to do it in front of them, then its total stupidity."

However, she confirmed that she would do it in front of entire world if Rahul Baba marries which India Satire already reported.

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