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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

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Center made a fun of Suresh Kalmadi

"What will he do in Parliament? He does not remember anything about his constituency," solicitor general AS Chandiok representing the Centre, while opposing the Suresh Kalmadi's plea for permission to attend Parliament said "Kalmadi says he suffering from loss of memory." DCFC Reporter was shocked on Chandiok's statement as Ghazini fame, Diggy Chacha's beloved and innocent brother Suresh Kalmadi (Suru) said that he had no problems in his brain but in his heart. (Please Read: "Who said my brain stopped working 4-5 years ago," Suresh Kalmadi)

Suru Uncle's lawyer Ashok Desai did not take it lightly and shot back "This is not the kind of statement expected from a senior law officer of the government. If someone has an infirmity (?), it should not be made fun of." However, these contradictory statements can hardly be understood. On one side, Suru Uncle said he has no problems in brain (as there is no brain in his skull) and now his lawyer is saying that he has problems.

However, CBI (an inhumane agency to good and innocent culprits) had other problems. It said he (Suru Uncle) was making all attempts to get bail indirectly (what is the secret for bail plea?) as trial court had denied it. It said he might interfere with the probe by influencing witnesses if given the liberty to attend Parliament. The agency said if at all the court was inclined to allow him, it must be directed that he is kept under strict observation with several restrictions imposed.

Justice RS Endlaw, after hearing the arguments reserved his judgment on the plea.

Government to send Kalmadi's report to Guinness World Records; admitted in Aiims

After a brief check-up at the hospital last week, young and dashing politician, Ghazini fame Suresh Kalmadi (age only 67 years) was admitted to the cardio neurosciences department at Aiims late on Monday afternoon for a detailed medical examination. According to sources, Suru Uncle's first medical report showed that there is no brain, which was the first of its kind of medical case in the history of world medical sciences. Government is planning to file to report it to Guinness World Records before which it is taking all the precautionary steps. The government also plans to make a detailed study to understand that how Suru did operate such important posts in spite of the absence of brain.

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