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Thursday, 28 July 2011

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“Who said my brain stopped working 4-5 years ago,” Suresh Kalmadi

Bullshitting all the rumors, Diggy Chacha's beloved brother and an innocent kid Suresh Kalmadi (Suru Uncle) asked reporters "Who the hell said my brain is not working? I am perfectly alright and as intelligent as I was 4-5 years back. Even today I can take responsibilities for many things." Suru Uncle said "After his Tihar jail release, I would like to try taking Olympic to India. That's my dream and I will fulfill that. Therefore, I urge my supporters and more than 75% of Indian nationals who like me and consider me as their inspiration to avoid believing such rumors. I came to doctor for a normal check-up."

Suru Uncle also said thanks to Diggy Chacha who said Suru is his brother and innocent. Suru Uncle said "I really thankful to Diggyji who always supported me as like his brother. I read the news in the jail and felt a lot of confident. I have high regards for him."

When asked him again on Dementia he said "My mind, my brain is all okay and I don't have Ghajini kind of disease. Media had wrongly published about it. Five years ago I had undergone an operation of the heart valve. Whatever the problem is, it is of the heart and nothing else... My mind, my brain is all ok."

"I remember everything and there should be no doubt about it. Whatever problem is... is regarding my heart. A lot of treatment is being done for that," Suru Uncle said giving an emotional touch to entire conversation.

He had earlier undergone an MRI scan on 19 July at Lok Narayan Jai Prakash Hospital where the tests revealed that he was suffering from dementia which gradually affects cognitive functions of the person affected by it.

The test results stated in medical jargon, "diffused cerebral atrophy with old ischemic changes in brain parenchyma with calcified granuloma in caudothalamic groove on left side (of his brain)".

Kalmadi was today accompanied by Tihar Jail authorities as he went for the health check-up at AIIMS. He claimed all reports stating that he was suffering from dementia were wrong and it was the conspiracy against him to downgrade his status.

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