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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

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“What is the wonder? They didn’t get 100% votes as like I got in the last elections,” Sibal Uncle

"What is so wonderful about it as they got only 85% votes. I am surprised that why is it not 100%? They are being very modest, I think they are doing a lot of injustice to themselves," inventor of Zero Loss Theory, ex-friend of Tamil Hero look-a-like A. Raja and 360degree leader Kapil Sibal (Sibal Uncle) told reporters on the sidelines of inaugural session of Australia-India Education Council. He challenged Anna Hazare "In my last elections I got 100% votes from my constituency, Let Anna Hazare come to the election ring against me, I will easily defeat him."

One of the members of Civil Society accepted that they could collect 85% votes as Sibal Uncle, his family and all his relatives weren't in favor of Jan Lokpal Bill. The member said "the gap is because Sibal's family members and relatives were against the bill. The gap of 15% is because of this only."

Sibal Uncle said celebrating his victory "Don't dare me to challenge. I am the tiger of Chandni Chowk, come fight me in the election ring. And don't call 85% as overwhelming response as I got 100% votes in the last elections." 

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