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Friday, 25 May 2012

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Rowdy Rathore is not actually 2 hero story - Prabhu Deva


He confirmed that Sonakshi Sinha should consider as heroine instead of hero

Ending the all speculations for last few days after releasing the promos of song 'Dhadhang Dhang', Prabhu Deva confirmed that the movie is meant for heterosexuals and there is actually no gay or transgender content in the movie.

Prabhu Deva, director of Rowdy Rathore said "Though Sonakshi Sinha look like another hero of the movie, she is performing the task of the heroine only. The movie is not for the eyes of gay and transgender community in India. It is 100% heterosexual."

Sources said that Akshay Kumar was injured by thrice when the song Dhadhang Dhang was picturised and took almost a month to complete.  The song had few stunts like Sonakshi was pushing Akshay and lifting him which made few serious injuries to the sturdy actor. However, Prabhu Deva said that those were speculations.

Following is the leaked Picture of Rowdy Rathore song on the sets in which Akshay Kumar seriously injured after Sonakshi Sinha pushed her

Objections were raised after he released the promos of song Dhadhang Dhang, which shows Sonakshi Sinha looks double the Akshay Kumar's size, increasing the speculations that who was Rowdy Rathore, or whether the movie is to attract gay community by showing the love between to actors.

Many Indian critics raised doubts about gay nature of Sonakshi Sinha recently, after she refused to wear bikinis in her films and avoided any kind of steamy scenes. However, sources said that all bikini makers have refused to sell their bikinis to Sonakshi due to her size doesn't matches regular bikini wear size in India.
Chairman of Lovable Lingerie, a popular branded lingerie maker in India, Vinay Reddy said "We actually refused to offer any kind of bikini to Sonakshi as we don't have enough of equipments and technology to produce baby elephant size bikinis."

However, personal assistant of Sonakshi Sinha said "She is totally 100% Indian and therefore don't want to wear bikinis. What is so strange about that?"
Prabhu Deva told India Satire Correspondent "We avoided any stunts like Akshay Kumar lifting Sonakshi Sinha, as we thought his thin posture of the body would not take the control."

However, he refused to comment that the designer clothes which wear by Sonakshi was made out of Circus Tamboos.

India Satire tried to reach to Sonakshi Sinha, however, she was not available for comment.

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