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Thursday, 14 July 2011

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“I am a great reformist said Madamji and Manmohanji,” Veerappa Moily

Taking a 360 degree turn, Veerappa Moily expressed his happiness in a very touching moment. Congress representative said Moilyji looked very touched. Representative was very happy he also maintained hindi kahawat “Gharke buddhu ghar ko aaye”. When all is well ends well. Veer appa was seen as maintaining “Every doubt is solved, every problem is resolved, now everything clear like skies. Long live Madamji, long live Manmohanji.”

DCFC asked Congress representative reason why Veer appaji was muttering like this. The representative said us “Madamji and Manmohanji are prone to this role. The role can be well described from the Ramayana character “Jambuwanta” who made Hanuman realized what his power was.” Madamji and Manmohanji helped Veer appaji to understand his exact strength and how he was wasting his time in some legal but illogical work. The representative said Madamji and Manmohanji told Veer appaji that he is a great reformist in this era and he should not stick to the worthless job like legal work that can be handled by any clerk. The inspirational voice of Madamji helped Veer appaji realize his inner strength. He closed his eyes and asked his intuition which gave him the green signal.

Representative further said that when Veer appa came out of the meeting room he told me “when he closed his eyes he saw a photo (high resolution) of Devi which looked like Madamji only. She told him don’t worry beta I am with you always. That was the point when I decided to go with Madamji and Manmohanji’s decisions.”

All high profile press reporters today saw different Veer appa ji. There was shine in his eyes as like a realized soul and like an enlightened spirit with white clothes and many things in his mind to speak about. He looked like he has answers to all the questions, then those may be nonsense as well. Veer appaji started with strong voice, "I am very happy with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress president Sonia Gandhi. If they have given me this charge they might had something in mind. They know that I am a reformist and wherever I go, I have the reform agenda." All Congress people clapped with a great honor towards Madamji.

One reporter sarcastically asked him how this sudden realization came to Madamji yesterday and you today. He had answer; he had answers to all the questions. He said that as earlier maintained “vested interests had opposed my campaign for law reforms and had conspired to blame me for the government's legal setbacks. But Madamji was very kind she understood my fire to reform. So she told me that India is not mature enough to make law reforms. You can carry this work in corporate affairs ministry.” Veer appaji took his hanky and just wipe out 2 drops of water came from his eyes. The guy was so strong that he didn’t accept those were tears.

When DCFC reporter asked Congress representative that yesterday only this guy said "Whatever sin is committed by the administrative ministries, they will try to attach that to the law ministry. It is the fault on the part of the administrative ministry. It has nothing to do with us. We are only the face in the court." The representative said, “ that was yesterday’s statement, today things are different. Now he is realized soul.”

Finally speaking on the 2G scam, he said, "You will have to give me time to understand the issue, but I can say that nothing will be passed without proper examination."

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