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Saturday, 3 November 2012

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Congress and BJP both are confused over whom Arvind Kejriwal exactly represents

According to political sources, a series of telephonic calls and confidential meetings at general secretary and spokesperson levels between Congress and BJP are revealed to understand exactly whom Arvind Kejriwal and his party represents.

"Many tier II and III level leaders between Congress and BJP are meeting to understand exactly whom Kejriwal is representing," said a source that was cleaning floors between one of such meeting. He requested to keep his identity anonymous.
The cleaner said that leaders of both the parties are now confused whom this guy is representing. While earlier he was cracking on Congress Party everybody, including BJP was thinking that it was on their side. But when he alleged Nitin Gadkari, leaders started thinking that he was representing corporates. However, now after Mukesh Ambani parties are now confused whom exactly he is representing.
After accepting a 1000 rupees note from India Satire Political correspondent, the cleaner said "I was there in one meeting and listened very carefully the conversation between Congress Party leader Janardhan Dwivedi and BJP leader Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi who met yesterday night for discussing the actual agenda of Arvind Kejriwal."
Transcript of their conversation
Naqvi: Boss, tell Kejriwal now stop chasing us. Nitinji has already lost 25 kgs of his weight thinking that in jail he would have to develop a bad eating habit. While we both are friends behind the scene, why are you asking Kejriwal to chase us? Tell him to follow Mamata, Mayawati and Mulayam.
Dwivedi: Oh what shit are you talking about? We think you kept him behind us just to losen the pants of our fatty leaders. Whatever damage he had done was much more than you. Ambaniji yesterday called me asking to take Kejriwal's resignation from Law Ministry. What would I say him now? That he was not our law minister but law minister of BJP.
Naqvi: WTF! He never represents us. Look at our heaviest leader now he has became weakest one. Its because you that puts in front of us as shell leader.
Dwivedi: Oh if he doesn't represent you and not even us, then whom he represent? Now we have already shared equally the corporate funding and foreign investment between us who would have sent him to destroy us? He is trying to damage our unity.
Both stared at Samajawadi Party's speaker, general secretary, party worker, cleaner and everything Mulayam Singh Yadav, who saw at both of them with awe.
Dwivedi: Mulayam, is that you? Did you forget how CBI spanked you in your office when you said you would support Mamata? So you arranged him as your co-worker with different identity. (Dwivedi calls Soniaji's number. 'Madamji it's Mulayam who asked Kejriwal to follow us')
Mulayam: Oh Dwivedi! It's not me. I am very happy cleaning house at Janpath. I have never told him.
Dwivedi: Dude! I am going to ask CBI to open the file number 420.
Mulayam: Oh I beg, I never asked him to go behind you. You tell me how would you trust me?
Dwivedi called Madamji again
Dwivedi: Ok Mulayam! We will try to trust you. Just do few things. That your friend what is his name, yea Amar Singh, he helped us winning support at the time of passing Nuclear bill and Salman Khurshid has some small case behind him. Give me the status.
Naqvi: Also Jaitlyji likes to see Amitabh and Jayaji's movies so some cases regarding frauds are still pending I believe.
Mulayam: Oh that is a small work. Please wait.
A phone from Mulayam rang
Mulayam: Akhilesh, (murmur)
Mulayam: Everything is fine now, I am going to slap a case against Kejriwal. For the time being other guys are clean now.
(Disclaimer: The above news mentioned is totally fake and fictitious and the names representing in the story are not really connected to real life.)

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