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Friday, 12 August 2011

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Serial - SibalNama Episode 9: “We are lone warriors,” Raja, Kanimozhi and Balwa

"Lawyers are on strike. How will you manage?" asks Court. "We are warriors and we know we are true too. There is no end for truth and no representative it requires. Why should we fear and for what reason? We shall handle this battle and come out clean from the mud that government had thrown on us," Shahid Balwa said. The great A. Raja uncle and Kanimojhi aunty nodded with a mischievous smile.

Shahid (no relations with Shahid Bhagat Singh; he became shahid for nation's integrity and freedom while this Balwa has became shahid because of his role in 2G scam) uncle said "CBI is a "Central Bureau of Imagination" and did not know about the guidelines on eligibility of firms for grant of licenses."

"CBI is going on a wild goose chase," said Balwa who got an opportunity to speak to Special CBI Judge O P Saini due to lawyers' strike.

"The only question is whether we (Swan Telecom) were eligible or not and this question is based on clause 8 of the Unified Access Service Licence (UASL) guidelines. Everything else other than this that we were favoured for Delhi circle is all bogus ... CBI should be called the Central Bureau of Imagination for such an imaginary probe," he said. However, at DCFC research department all researchers felt it was highly imaginative thinking of Shahid uncle and is trying to understand that how his brain did think for the word. We also plan to convince him to support our research department with his brain for research purpose to understand its creativity.

"Why partiality with me only?" asks Shahid

He also suggested to remove the lapses in the investigations of CBI (no not Central Bureau of Imagination) and supported the cause of Jan Lokpaly by saying "the CBI, rightly said by Chidduji that Indian intelligence agencies have no intelligence should come under Lokpal and not PM."

Shahid uncle said the agency did not make Ajay Chandra, brother of Sanjay Chandra, Unitech Managing Director and co-accused, an accused after he said it was Sanjay who was looking after telecom business.

Showing his courtesy and humbleness also his truthfulness he said "I gave a similar statement that I am only responsible for the telecom business. Even then, they put innocent Vinod Goenka (another Director of Swan Telecom) in jail.

"Same for Dayaluammal (DMK supremo Karunanidhi's wife) who holds 60% shares in Kalaignar TV (accused of receiving alleged bribe of Rs200Cr from DB Realty). She has not been prosecuted and rightly so. Why is it that CBI thought all my relatives and friends and brother should be in jail?" he said.

"Don't arrest PM. He didn't do anything wrong," Raja

Tamil Hero look-a-like and heartthrob of many tamil young girls, inventor of India's first trillionaire fraud the great A Raja (Rajaji) in his touchy statement said "When I took oath as a minister, I said I had to abide by the Constitution and not by the advice of the PMor Chidduji."

"I do not want to shift the blame to the Prime Minister ... I have not mislead the PM," said Rajaji with hanky wiped all the tears out of his eyes, insisting that he only discharged his duties (sob sob sob). Rajaji reiterated that the PM was apprised of decisions taken by him while allocating airwaves to new applicants. When DCFC reporter asked another DMK party leader he said "Inna.. ra..ala, actually he forgot to ask Madamji and Manmohan ji has the habit to forget so now Manmohanji does not remember when did Rajaji tell him." When asked him what does Karunaji think these days about Rajaji. He said "See now …. It's the time to forget everything now Rajaji is in the jail and Karunaji is also unemployed. Therefore, both should start-a-fresh to battle with tha Jayalalitha."

"I am deeply innocent," Kanimozhi aunty

I have never had anything to do with Kalaignar TV. Even I don't know what Kalaignar TV was. Is it a TV channel? What kind of serials it show? I used to see Jaya TV only it had interesting comedy serials. Even I haven't seen such channel in Tamil Nadu. Now why should I suffer with the decisions that were taken. I have no relation with any of them. I don't know why I have been arrested (?). I'm only a shareholder that too Appa invested money for some paltry returns due to social responsibilities and charities," Kanimozhi told judge Saini.

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