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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

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Servant found Shashi Tharoor crying and sobbing in his bedroom out of emotions and love, after hitting back at Narendra Modi


A servant of Shashi Tharoor found the minister crying loudly and sobbing continuously in his bedroom while reading his own tweet on the internet.

"Yes he was continuously crying and sniveling loudly just like a small kid does when his mummy rejects him a lollypop. I haven't ever seen him in such a sentimental situation. He was reading his own tweet written for Narendra Modi and was admiring himself as how much emotional he is and caring towards his love by crying like nothing. Sunanda madam was also there. She was caressing him and fondling his shoulder and rubbing his arm asking him to 'shut up you stupid'. Such a love I haven't seen in my life," said Shashi Tharoor's servant Mani Shankar Ratnam.

Shashi Tharoor yesterday tweeted that his love and affection made his wife priceless, a lot more than Rs 50 crore valuations arrived by Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi. Media also applauded Shashi Tharoor's quality tweet and said that it was a big slap on Modi's face. A big sixer.

He tweeted that he considered his wife "priceless", but suggested that only a man capable of the Grand Passion would understand that. However, according to his servant Mani, Shashi Tharoor couldn't believe himself that he can write in such a romantically passionate and emotionally well researched language which made him a bit sentimental and resulted into crying loudly.

Mani said "However, Sunanda madam is really a great wife with broad heart and adequate sense of what situation is. She just crawled her hand in his hair with care and told him that 'dude, after a long time you got the job of minister and now focus building some thousand crore rupees on my name, rather than crying like an idi*t.'."

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