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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

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Nation said it will talk about Mukesh Ambani this time and will forget Nitin Gadkari


India started talking about Mukesh Ambani suddenly and started forgetting Nitin Gadkari who is now relaxed on his BJP President chair.

Sources said after Arvind Kejriwal revealed the names of Mukesh Ambani and Crony Capitalism, Nitin Gadkari ordered one large size Pizza, 4-5 packets of Burger, Vada Pav (Maharashtrian dish), and a lot of pop corns while watching the entire saga live on Television.

"Yes Sir has ordered so many dishes today as a starter. He wants to fill the vaccum that was created after consistent fast since Kejriwal took his name in corruption cases," said Nitin Gadkari's driver and one of the directors of his company Purti Group, Rajesh Dhale.

Besides Nitin Gadkari's many other politicians celebrated the event for Mukesh Ambani to became his newer target. Few also called Ambani's cell phone giving him condolences while actually congratulating each other from saving another that would have been a ridiculous day.

Indians also promised that they would talk on Mukesh Ambani for some time and then they would totally forget Nitin Gadkari, Salman Khurshid and Robert Vadra. According to sources from 'India Against Corruption', Arvind Kejriwal is going to attack Rahul Gandhi next time.

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