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Friday, 21 September 2012

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Prime Minister Manmohan Singh showed his two faces after accepting the resignation of TMC ministers

Heavy Hearted Prime Minister Announced a Cocktail Dinner Party With Rock And Jazz Tonight
With heavy heart, India's Prime Minister accepted resignations of all the Trinamool Congress MPs from their respective positions of ministers. He also told them to think 1000 times before giving their resignation. However, strong hearted TMC leaders kept all their self interests on the otherside and pushed him to accept their resignations.
"Actually, Trinamool Congress, Mamata Didi and all of you are most invaluable members for UPA and your dedicated approach towards serving in the public interest is mind boggling. I really request you from my head to toe, I will also bow down in front of you if you say that way, but please please and please take back your resignations," said Manmohan Singh when the number of ministers reached his office and put their papers infront of Prime Ministers and his support staffs which include clerks and peons.
He said "We are aware of whatever services that you gave us, your reverent support and great attitude towards the society. I don't want all of you to move away from us like this."
However, all the MPs kept stressing on their resignations and told him to accept them ASAP as they had to go to dinner with Didi and discuss about their employment opportunities in the recessionary period. According to sources most of them have grocery shops in Kolkata.
Finally with heavy heart, Manmohan Singh accepted their resignations and said "Sob sob... unnnnnmpphhhh... It is worst day of my life accepting your resignations. Tomorrow I am not going to see your faces in the Ministry's office and so many ministries. How can I handle all of them. Ok now if you are so pushy then I have to accept the resignations."
Just after accepting their resignations, all the MPs left in a hurry led to a serious silent in the PM's office which was just broken by PM's loud laughter and shouting 'hurray' he he he. We are rescued. Wow... kind of noises.
Sources outside the office said "PM started laughing along with all his other colleagues and giving them fives, raising hands, showing victory sign from their fingers and shouting like nobody dared to shout that way."
"Hey bala tali... Finally I am rescued from these people. Wow guys today party plans.... choose best of hotels, old monk and all the wines... we will have great stuff dudes... all have free beer and wine," Manmohan Singh found saying by a source.
He said "Tonight we will have rock and jazzzz and party music. Invite everybody, Madamji, Rahul Baba, Diggy, Chiddu, Sibal, Salman, everybody except TMC members. We will have party tonight."
The source said he was so much of shock seeing the other face of Manmohan Singh that he just went their and questioned about instant development.
Manmohan Singh said "That's my x-factor. I can easily change the mood. Now I am happy that only one woman can pull my hair and the other has gone beyond the wind wow what an experience."

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