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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

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Emraan Hashmi to kiss animals in support of animal campaign in India

Reasons for cheer to India's afflicted animals

Animals are not very enthusiastic and say they don't want such humiliation

These days Bollywood celebrities are becoming highly charitable and humane. While top rated actors such as Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, etc. are offering their helps to various charitable organizations, rated B and C actors also are not far away. After a recent campaigning from Dia Mirza to appeal people against making animal skins as their clothes, Emraan Hashmi announced a different idea to support most rejected, dejected and avoided animals on the street.

Famous serial-kisser, Emraan Hashmi announced that he will kiss animals to support animal rights campaign in India. For a starter, he chose afflicted roadside dogs community in his campaigning. The said development came after, Emraan Hashmi saw a news that his ex-costar Dia Mirza dressed as snake for new animal rights campaign appealing to people against making animal skins a part of their wardrobe.

"Yea that's correct. I am going to kiss all the animals which are most avoided and rejected by people in India. This campaign will generate love and respect for these animals among the people. I will start my campaign with a female dog which resides on the street and in front of the gate of my residence," said great actor Emraan Hashmi.

Emraan Hashmi has recently joined a so-called Afflicted and Ignored Animals Association of India (AIAAI) and was very much enthused in supporting the cause.

Bahadur, gatekeeper of Emraan Hashmi's residence said "Jee Shaabji, Emraan Bhaai shaab is going to kiss this bitch (showing a pale female dog who was scratching her back)."

Mahesh Bhatt (Suhel Seth of Bollywood), proud uncle of Emraan and most intelligent producer in the world said "I am proud to be the uncle of Emraan. His decision is good and would generate a sense of responsibility among many Indians."

Mahesh Bhatt said "People are very much caring towards rich breeds of dogs while roadside dogs are ignored. Emraan's decision is an eye-opener and I would provide role to these dogs in my film at free-of-cost."

Emraan will start from dog and move to kiss female monkey so that they would get their legitimate rights in the Indian society. However, while asked by India Satire correspondent on why he is choosing female animals, Emraan said "I am not gay."

However, the development was not very well taken by the community of dogs. Many male dogs took step of protests to protect the rights of female dogs and many female dogs warned big suicidal efforts from them.

"We totally refuse any help from Emraan in return if he wants a kiss from our wives… bhu bhu…" said Moti a street side dog whose wife was selected for the first kiss from Emraan Hashmi. He said "I have complained our association's president to protect our rights and should not be humiliated. He should do whatever he wants to do with human beings but we don't want such demeaned activities with us. Bhu bhu bhu… bhu bhu bhuuuuuu………..uuuuuuuu."

While the association of monkeys avoided commenting on the story, sources said that they are also taking efforts to save themselves from such a serious humiliation. 

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