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Monday, 24 September 2012

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India England match was fixed - Rajinder Sharma

New Delhi - Delhi
City guy alleged India's match against England was fixed
Common Indians are talking that India's match against England was fixed. New Delhi based Engineer, Rajinder Sharma strongly alleged that India's match against England in T20 World Cup was fixed among a group of people, his so-called friends.
"Arey yaar, I am damn sure the match was fixed. Otherwise a guy who can't kill a mosquito how was it possible of taking 4 wickets for giving just 12 runs," asked Rajinder Sharma to his friends. The sources said that a group of 6 friends was discussing on the cricket match played between India and England which surprisingly India won with a quite good margin on account of Harbhajan Singh's great performance.
Sources found Rajinder saying "I trust Indian team, whenever it wins comfortably n then I seriously believe that it must be a fixed match. I am sure poor English players which even don't have proper other income from IPL trophy might have received some rewards for this loss."
While some of his friends agreed to the statement some said that it was a non-sensical allegation.
Rajiv Yadav, his friend debated "Arey, English team is so poor and damn inconsistent. And these players are by birth good dancers on slow and spin track. They haven't learnt that generally cricket bat is the thing made to use to touch the ball and not their entire body parts."
However, the entire debate turned violent and both the guys started fighting. While Rajinder punched on Rajiv's nose saying he is not a believer in truth, Rajiv kicked Rajinder for spreading false information. 

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