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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

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Buffalos lobbying for considering Sonakshi Sinha's weight as benchmark for the nutritional levels in India

Buffalos feel that calling buffalo to a lady would see reversal process after releasing Joker
Indian buffalos are lobbying with the government to consider recent bombshell of Bollywood, Sonakshi Sinha's weight as the nutritional levels. The decision came after a Haryana based buffalo, named Manisha watched Sonakshi Sinha dancing in her upcoming movie Joker.
"Hmmmmaaaaaa hmmmaaaa, I was shocked watching Sonakshi. I felt she weighs more than me still she was able to dance on the floors. I thought of discussing the issue with our lobby and try to get some relaxation from the government over malnutrition in our community," said Manisha.
A study shows that 85% of female buffalos are slimmer than Sonakshi Sinha, which is again proved in movie promos of Joker.
"The example can set a wrong precedent among the people," said Manisha "We had a glorious history of comparing women with us. We heard that many look-a-like women were used to call as 'bhains'. But Sonakshi's example can set a wrong precedent. And comparison of our body weights only shows that we are underweight and want to regain our status."
"We were unaware of this that a lady is overweight than us. This fact makes us quite unconscious. Earlier, few fatty good looking female were called as 'bhains' but now after watching Sonakshi, we think that the process is in a serious reversal," said Aayesha, President of Buffalo's Association of Lobbying in India (BAIL).
Aayesha told India Satire Correspondent "I am affraid that looking at me our community would start calling me 'Sonakshi'."

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