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Monday, 16 July 2012

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BJP celebrated a week that had no disappointment and shocks after a long time

But something made serious to party time
Finally, Bharatiya Janta Party took a breather and all the senior party leaders met on a cocktail dinner party, after for last 1 week there were no issues raised by any of the irritant party members, including BS Yeddyurappa and ally Nitish Kumar.
"Hey guys, our party members and allies are very notorious and irritating. For last 2 years they were just pulling our hair from here and there," said Nitin Gadkari, BJP President.
He said "This week was calm and cool and therefore we are celebrating it in a Delhi's Pub."
Arun Jaitley, a senior party leader who was drinking Vodka said "Guys, its really tidious job to make rounds and rounds every week to Karnataka to make Yeddy feel good. That guy sucks yaar. He even didn't ask me coffee and made a list of his demands. Now as that demon is peaceful we are just playing with each others."
Sushma Swaraj who was dancing on the Pub platform on the tunes of Munni Badnam Hua Darling tere liye said, "After a long time I am performing a stage show. After that incident that notorius Diggy made me look fool and overall party scene was really bad. Now nobody can stop me. Munni badnam huaa daaarleeng tere liye."
Nobody was in the mood to talk about Elections 2014. However, while everybody was enjoying a serious shot of loud noise took the attention of everybody. It came from Senior most leader of BJP, Lal Krishna Advani's chair. All of them thought of some shocking thing and run towards his chair to see what happened and before reaching his chair they once again heard that awful sound.
Nitin Gadkari was first to move towards LK Advani. Advani calmly asked "Nitin what happened why are you running like a kid?" 
Gadkari replied "Nothing we thought of something serious when we heard that sound."
"Nothing serious," said LK Advani and gave a serious noise of burrrrppppp "Guys I was also enjoying by drinking Thumps Up, but didn't know that these days a lot of burrrrrrppppp produces with it."
The situation chilled out and everybody moved to their tables.

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