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Monday, 16 July 2012

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Rahul Gandhi dares Narendra Modi to play on Aam Aadmi issues turf

Rahul Gandhi to visit aam aadmi, Keshubhai Patel's house for lunch and dinner
Starting the war of elections in Gujarat by year end and 2014 at national levels, Rahul Gandhi dared Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi to talk on Aam Aadmi issues and forget those heavy economic terms which are non digestible for me.
"Talking about economy and industrial development, is totally against the issues of aam aadmi and really unfriendly to fight on. What has he done to aam aadmi? He just pushed some bit of investments in Gujarat while nothing has he done for a common man. Did he visit any aam aadmi's house to eat roti and subzi? Did he really stay in any aam aadmi's house whole night junctured between a lot of mosquitoes and God knows which kind of insects those are? Did he arrange any padyatra to raise a real aam aadmi issue? He never! Then why do he doesn't stop talking bullshit issues such as economy, development, industrialisation and investments," said Rahul Gandhi in his speech, before heading towards Gujarat on 18th of July. Though, talks are that the visit is uncertain, Rahul was confident that his message would reach to all aam aadmis of Gujarat.
He said "I dare Modi to come in front of me and talk the real issues. See what UPA had done it created employment with no work to be done but wages would get to aam aadmis packets. We are also working on free distribution of food to every aam aadmi in India. We also plan to extend the scheme to Pakistani aam aadmi and Bangladeshi aam aadmi. What did he do for nation building?"
Rahul Gandhi also demonstrated more about the real state of economy and economics.
He said "Industrial development and heavy investment only torture a man to work for entire year and fuck himself for 8 hours at least and in return what do he get? See our NREGA scheme, which gives free money for 100 days work by doing a little work. It only raises earnings efficiency of a man and therefore consumption and finally higher GDP growth."
The visit is said to be a real test for Rahul Gandhi. However, his supporters said that Rahul Baba is more prepared than he was against Mayawati.
"See this time we will not do any kind of ruckus. Our plan is ready, Rahul Gandhi will first visit the poorest of aam aadmis, Keshubhai Patel for having lunch and dinner. Thereafter, he will make a guest appearance in Police Station, Railway Station, Bus Station and many other destination to understand the real problems of Gujarat. It will make him aware of how Modi destroyed the state," said Digvijay Singh, Congress Senior Leader.

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