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Saturday, 4 February 2012

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Irritated with Times of India comments, Sibal Uncle asks TOI owner to pre-screen all the comments from Arnab Goswami

Pre-screen comments from TOI's online version

There are many things which irritate India's telecom minister Kapil Sibal (Sibal Uncle). These things include social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google +, social networking mouths like Digvijay Singh (Diggy Chacha), Manish Tewary and freely availability to make comments on Times of India's online version.

Generally, Sibal Uncle likes to read the comments from the readers which are over his great intellectual judgment and assessment on various shocking, disturbing and intellectually highly intensified situations. He checks all the networking sites which justifies and always use to taste the sweat of his brain's inner understanding and intelligence spelled out of his brain. Sibal Uncle, a person who justifies looks of more mature Albert Einstein through his bald hair and a better version to talkative Mahesh Bhatt, likes to read interesting observations on his studies, research and ideologies at Facebook where he is a member of Kapil Sibal Fan Page, Digvijay Singh Fan Club, Rahul Baba Fan Club. However, few idiotic websites he hardly likes to scroll through, e.g.,

After a demonstration of deep understanding of his 2G knowledge (no not Sonia G, Rahul G) and 3G knowledge (again not Sonia G, Rahul G and Priyanka G) during his press conference over Supreme Court's decision to cancel the 122 licenses with immense amount of brainstorming and great intellectual answers to idiotic and stupidest questions of journalists of India's leading news papers and TV channels, Uncle expected that he would get some treat for his eyes by seeing the observations on his answers came out of immense amount of talent by sweating his brain.

While Kapil Sibal Fan Page yet to update, he planned to search some different sites. He entered the name 'Kapil Sibal' in the Google Search Engine, which instantly gave him a headline '2G scam: SC judgement no indictment of UPA, BJP must apologise to nation for causing huge loss, says Kapil Sibal'. The headline instantly made smile on his face, as the headline was enough to showcase his entire efforts of collecting and researching data.
"Hushh... Thank God, headline is good," Sibal Uncle said, with a deep sigh of relief. Thereafter, he read the entire story again and again making him happy that there was no idiotic comment from the journalist on his earlier, but now forgotten by himself 'Zero Loss Theory'. "Wow that's great, there is no reference of that stupid theory. This journalist seems to have Ghazini's memory. Thank God! (ting ting)," Uncle said.

After a lots of guts, Sibal Uncle scroll down to see the reactions of the readers. However, something which his gutfeeling was talking to him to avoid seeing such comments was true. His eyes grew and smiley face became angry. "What the f*ck! How can they write such shameful and offensive way? These id**ts are writing bul**hit about me. Sharmaaaaa! Give me Vineet Jain's number."

Sharma, his personal assistent who was writing his autobiography in a spare time, run immediately to give him Times of India's chairman Vineet Jain's number.

"Vineet, what the hell these comments are doing on your web page? Don't you have the pre-screening mode in your site? See I want to remove all the idiotic comments ASAP otherwise I would take you on remand," furious Sibal Uncle said.

Frightened Vineet said "But how can I do? It requires huge force to pre-screen the comments and who will take the responsibility to think about the quality comments."

Sibal Uncle said "WTF that Arnab is doing? Call him and give him this job. As it is he is nothing worthy but just asking nonsense questions. Ask him to remove all the comments which abuse me, or Rahul Baba or Madamji, he can keep comments regarding Diggy. I think those will be hardly 10 odd comments out of 600. I don't like using this kind fu*kingly abusive and absurd language with no humbleness is there."

Vineet responded positively and took Arnab to the job to remove the comments. In the evening, relaxed Sibal Uncle again clicked the same link to see some interesting observations on his detailed study of the situation. However, he got another shock this time. All the comments were removed.

"Oh! India lacks real talent and intellect. There is no observation on my studies," he said himself.

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