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Saturday, 4 February 2012

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Manishankar Aiyer to receive Digvijay Singh Award for his contribution to Indo-Pak peace process

At DCFC we were so enthued that we made a demo picture of this event

Manishankar will be first to get newly started peace award in Pakistan

Pakistan identified Manishankar Aiyer as first person to get recently started and most respectable Quaid-e-Azam Mullah Digvijay Singh Award. The award is for his initiation and contribution to Indo-Pakistan peace process and recognizing Pakistan as powerful state.

"Sarkar-e-Azam Manishankar ji is tauba great person. We forgot that the peace starts from home and Maniji's speech gives us confidence that India will stop all the terrorist activities and embrace peace process. That almighty God will give support to his efforts and evil forces in India will slow down," said Umar Haq, a political analyst in Pakistan who is also free lancer to the leading news paper Dawn.

Pakistan in tribute to Osama-bin-Laden's death started this award in the name of Digvijay Singh (Diggy Chacha) who recognized the priceless peace efforts of Osama-bin-Laden and called him Osamaji.

"Only Amar-e-Gulistan Diggyji in this world gave such a respect to the greatest and most honorable personality," said General Asfaq P Qayani, Pakistani Military Chief.
"Myself I made sure that Gilani should announce the best name for this award. This is the best award in Pakistan. You can call it Noble Prize of Pakistan," Kayani added.
Talking about Manishankar Aiyer's selection about the prize, Kayani said "We earlier thought to give this Mullah Digvijay Singh Award for 2012 by end of this year or early next year in January. However, recent initiations of Maniji forced us to announce the candidate for this award by start of the year. Now as he opened his mouth in year 2012 and now we can't wait to give him a great honour till next year we thought we should give him this award as soon as possible," said Kayani.
Kayani added "Mr. Hafeez Sayeed will be presented to honour the trophy to Maniji."

When DCFC reporter asked Manishankar Aiyer about his reactions, he said "This is honor to me but why I don't know they could have given some better name to the trophy, Digvijay Singh doesn't look good."

However, when the Congress Party leaders came to know the news there were mixed reactions.

Rahul Baba said "Its really good if he is getting that award. I represent to ordinary man in the country and Maniji is ordinary leader, I had some yummy South Indian dishes at his home."

Diggy Chacha said "What the h*ll, where the world is going? Award with my name will go to Manishankar... oh no... how idiotic policy decisions are there in Pakistan. They could have chose to give that award to me first. Mani, who always copy me and translates my words in south Indian accent doesn't deserve."

However, from the orders of Party leaders, every leader was told to shut their mouths including Manishankar Aiyer.

"We would advice him to stay from such heinous elements. He may have his own reasons for this stuff, but then we would like him to stay away from engaging with such elements," said Congress spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi.

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