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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

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NOT AT ALL FUNNY: Is government trying to stop anti-corruption movement? Why everybody is silent, is something cooking?

Government has released a draft report on the Lokpal bill, which has been circulated to members and would come up for finalisation on November 30, favours Lokpal's jurisdiction over corporates, media and NGOs in so far as receipt of donations from public within the country or from foreign sources.

However, the draft document has not taken a position on inclusion of Prime Minister in the ambit of Lokpal. The issue will be considered in the Wednesday meeting.

The government also turned down its own words that lower bureaucracy, i.e., C and D staff will come under the purview of the Lokpal Bill. The draft opined that 'sense of house' does not bind the committee to provide for citizen charter mechanism or lower bureaucracy within the Lokpal bill. However, it provided for creation of lokayuktas in states through the same bill.

The committee was also against inclusion of citizen charter and grievance redressal mechanism in the Lokpal Bill as, according to them, 'sense of house' never bound them to provide for the features in the Lokpal bill.
The committee has advocated bringing in NGOs, corporates and media — subject to riders — under the Lokpal's ambit.

It also recommended for an equilibrium between the trinity of Lokpal, the CBI and the CVC rather than merging the CBI and the CVC with the Lokpal —a key demand of Anna's team.
Anna Hazare's reaction to the draft was quite obvious and he threatened (is it a right word when the government straight away betrayed him?) to go for fast.

Shockingly, media kept this news out of its top headlines, particularly print media. Anna Hazare's call for fast is shown on Times of India's Delhi supplement and not on the top page of the website. The Economic Times which tracked Lokpal Bill regularly in its Political Theater ignored this news completely. Hindustan Times which always portrayed Anna Hazare as anti nationalist also ignored this news. How can print media be so biased in a democratic nation such as India? Strangely, Congress senior leaders have also kept quite after Anna Hazare's call for fast.

Diggy Chacha, who likes to talk a lot is silent, no other Congress leader is talking on Anna Hazare's call. Is it because the government wants to finish this movement completely? What the h..l Rahul Baba wants to show by empowering youth in a corrupt country like India? Why doesn't he try to empower whole India? The way he gave speech in last session of Parliament (these days he has more important work than attending Parliamentary session) was totally a stuff of immatureness or no understanding of the subject. Why does government try to test patience of Indian people?

There is news that Sonia Auntijee is trying hard to push the Lokpal Bill (government draft) with opposition leaders. We don't know what will be opposition parties reactions. But we know one thing with this kind of draft, opposition leaders which are always enthusiast in stopping the parliamentary session will also try to move this bill to next session and next sessions as like they did with FDI in retail. So don't be surprised and shocked to see a big circus in next few days and Lokpal Bill will be waiting and waiting.

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