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Thursday, 1 December 2011

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IIPM to offer Bentley to its international students in its Global plans

Most intelligent and handsome noted (?) economist, management guru, strategist, philosopher, psychologist, spiritual guru, business leader, political analyst, eminent author, authoritative speaker, transformational leader and many more (few of them are English, rest are Latin, Italian and different planetary words) Mr. Arindam Chaudhuri decided to expand IIPM's global reach.

"IIPM is now tired of serving India. It wants to move globally," Arindam Chaudhuri said in enchanting words. "Crores of international students approach me everyday asking when I will start IIPM for the betterment of international students. They are fed up of age old and hopeless curriculum in MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Cambridge and Oxford. Therefore, I decided to cover the international markets as well, taking IIPM across the world," he added.

In its global plans, IIPM decided to change its name as GIPM. "Yea brand identity matters, now when we are truly global why not change the name as well. Our tagline for GIPM will be 'Dare to think beyond IIPMs'," Arindam elaborated.

"GIPM also offers some exclusive programmes for its international students," Arindam informed DCFC reporter. He said "In line with our most successful programme, GOTA (Global Opportunities and Threat Analysis programme) in India we also plan to start programmes which include a FREE STUDY TOUR TO INDIA, SRILANKA, BANGLADESH, etc. for 2 weeks inclusive of Industry visits for all students under GIPM's Indian Opportunities and Threat Analysis programme (IOTA)."

All GIPM students spend 2 to 3 weeks (Free of cost, which is very important) in various parts of India and other developing countries doing their academic and corporate training under a special paper called Indian Opportunities & Threat Analysis (IOTA) thanks to GIPM's India Outreach initiative which organizes numerous exchange programmes in typical tradition of World-Class B-schools.

"This initiative is a part of our bigger strategy to improve standard of livings of global youth which has become very lethargic and lazy resulting into a slowdown in US and Europe," Arindam Chacha (oops what did I write) explained the strategy.

GIPM's strategy will be to come on the first rank in the first year itself on the print media like Financial Times and Business Week. "We are tying up for that purpose. Almost all the requirements have fulfilled only a green signal from the best international magazines is yet to come that they will feature us best Business School in the world," a senior faculty of IIPM said requesting anonymity. He added "The article will feature as 'Dare to think beyond MITs'."

The institution will change its strategy towards global students and will distribute Bentley cars for free instead of laptop. "It looks really very stupid and middle class in distributing lap tops. We are offering Bentley car to our students," Director of IIPM said DCFC reporter, however, he didn't disclose the fees for international students.
When DCFC reporter asked him that this will dilute the brand of Bentley, as Arindam already uses blue Bentley. Director said "Arindam will switch to blue Bugatti Veyron Super Sports while Bentley will be offered to global students. Our tag line will be 'Dare to think beyond middle class laptops'." He also informed that Arindam's Bentley will be auctioned as Heritage Car and the money will go to World Charity Fund. "When Arindam Sir bought Bentley, it automatically became the Certified World Heritage Car," Director told DCFC reporter.
However, IIPMs global plans are not on the smooth roads. Many Indian students Associations, including IIPM students opposed to IIPM's 'go global' strategies.

"We are against IIPM to go global," said B. Ramnathan, alumni of IIPM. "IIPM is India's wealth, how can it make global students extraordinarily intelligent," he added.
Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad's Vice President Vikas Chaudhary said "Arindam Chaudhary has no right to make global students more educated, intelligent and creative than Indians. We condemn this act and will start protesting against IIPMs."

However, Arindam had different view. He said "This is totally a narrow-minded attitude. I am borne to educate world. This kind of protest march can't stop me from going global and educating poor international students, which are dearth of knowledge and intelligence."

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