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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

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After releasing from jail, A Raja plans to make sequel of Appu Raja

It was unusual morning for the most handsome South Indian politician with most eligible to become Tamil Hero A Raja in Tihar Jail. "Aappa, Aaye really feel loud and proud. Hats off! Indian judiciary, phynally, I am outta." A Raja muttered.

Raja moved from his cell to here and there hold one constable and took a cigarette from his pocket, when constable denied giving him he said "Oye rascalla, I amm Rajja.. and now outta Tihar jailla to become ministeraa again... I willa throw you outta from your joba... do you know the mobile you carry now is becausa me.." Constable shut his mouth and let him take the cigarette.

"Nou I am philling happpy. I pheenished cigaretta as wella. But whom do I share my happiness. Oh! I willa meet Suresh Bhaai who is justa next to my cell. I will shyare my happiness with heem..." Raja murmured.

"Oh! Suresh Bhaai hou are you?" Raja asked Suresh Kalmadi. "Fine!" Suresh Bhaai said giving a plastic smile. Suresh Bhaai murmured "Go to hell! I read the news paper in the morning and know that you are finally released."
"It is pheeling nissaa! After 10 months, I am gatting release nou. Better days with you. Kani will also be released, pheeling greata," Raja said. "Ok Fine! Great for you," Suresh Bhaai gave irritating looks and ignored him. "No Suresh Bhaai! I am pheeling reaally bad for you. You are in jail for a small amount you withdrew from CWG while my amountt was so big. This ise not justified. I willa file complaintt against CAG, don't worry and willa fight for you," Raja gave some true words of dignity.

"No thanks! mind your own business and get lost from here," furious Suresh Bhaai said.

"Whott kind of peeple are these? They don'tt like happiness of other peepple." Raja thought. "But I am pheeling happy for me," he told himself.

After releasing from the jail, DCFC reporter was first to catch Raja. The handsome and innocent (in Diggy Chacha's words) said "Rascalla! first lett me take the real smell of outside mud. I gott bored with Tihar Jail. Firstt lett me take to some Udupi Hotel and have ideeli sambaar..."

DCFC reporter followed great Raja and made a big search for Udupi Hotel in Delhi. "I missed ideeli in Tihar Jail," Raja said putting entire idli in his mouth at a time. Raja was sitting in an udupi hotel with 10 plates of idli.
DCFC reporter asked him how do you feel now outside Tihar jail. "Pheeling happy. But my friend Suresh Bhaai is steel inside the jail," Raja said. "I promised him I will file a PIL against CAG who also caused inserting me into jail," Raja added.

Oh so what was his reaction, DCFC reporter asked him.

"He was very emotionalla and started cryingg. Oh Raja! don't leave me in this jail we shall both live happily everafter here," Raja explained situation. "But I said, Suresh Bhaai let me go outside thissa time and I willa phightta againsta corrupta CAG. I willa use Annaji's supporta and will fighta for poora and innocenta peeple like you...And Suresh Bhaai realised that I shoulda go and fight for society's benefitta. He said to me go Raja go... you are born to do bigger thingsa.. and face bigger challengesaa.. go Raja go..." Raja said.

Oh so what do you plan to do against CAG, DCFC reporter asked Raja.

"Oh firsta, I will phile a complainta against CAG. Sibbal Bhaai will fighta from my side. Then I willa directa sequel of Appu Rajja... to show how did someboddy else made monney from 2G and I was held for nothing," Raja said.
DCFC reporter astonished and asked what someboddy else. It was you a telecom minister who made money.
"No innaa whotta are you talking. It wassa Chiddu who was chottu Appu who madda monney and I wassa innocenta. I wanted to tell voll wolda... that it wassa Appu and not Rajja... Chiddu Appa wore my mosk andda took the decisions," Raja explained.

So who will act in the movie, DCFC reporter. "Whatta! I am the most handsome Tamilianna and dreaming to make debut in Tollywoodda... I will take up the challenga to work as Appu and Rajja," Raja said while putting the final 22nd idli in his mouth.

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