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Saturday, 23 June 2012

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Nation awaits when Aaradhya will start walking - Times of India Survey

Biggest survey in India shows 98% Indians waiting for Aaradhya to start walking
An extensive survey of Times of India of 13234 Indians from different states and religions shows that 98% Indians are patiently waiting for Aaradhya to walk and some idiot guy gets a photograph from behind.
"Yes we got a tremendous amount of response," said Jaideep Bose, Editor-in-chief of Times of India (TOI) "This is the second largest quantum of real poll conducted by TOI after it showed how Rahul Baba is hot cake in Ethiopia."
Sources said that TOI was finding some unique material after its rival Hindustan Times (HT) gathered two exclusive news; one a fanatic fan could collect the pictures of Aaradhya from backside with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and described how she looks elaborataley. Second when Jaya Bachachan gave an exclusive interview to HT saying that Aaradhya looks little bit of Aishwarya and little bit of Abhishek Bachchan also she confirmed that Aaradhya is trying to crawl now. Sources also said that all these exclusive articles were expected to give HT an edge for catching the tender of a PR Newspaper for Bachchan family in 2013, which made TOI quite uncomfortable leading to conduct a mass survey.
While thrashing all these allegations, TOI Vice Chairman Samir Jain said "That's ridiculous allegation why should we try to become Bachchan family's PR wire. We just wanted to show all the Bachchans that how much patiently we along with 98% Indians are waiting to get updated that Aaradhya is started walking."
Rival HT however, gave no importance to this news and said that TOI is playing cheap game.
Sanjay Narayan, HT Editor-in-chief said "TOI is playing hideous games. What matters to readers is the fact and not fiction. We show them the facts. We show them the photograph of Aaradhya with description as how she looks. What concrete these guys have done besides conducting useless polls?"
According to sources, HT is conducting a special worldwide poll discussing whether Aaradhya should contest for President of India's post after six years when today's expected President Pranab Mukherjee will resign.

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