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Friday, 25 November 2011

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Diggy Chacha observes slappy nights after Sharad Pawar Slapgate incidence

Recently, after becoming the reason for nightmares of Smriti Irani, the most intelligent scientist in the universe, Digvijay Singh (Diggy Chacha) is observing sleepless nights.

"Yes, thats true! Diggyji is under immense stress and Doctor diagnosed insomnia," said Diggy Chacha's close supporter. 

Diggy Chacha whose eyes were swollen because of sleepless night, yesterday said "Whole night I was slapped by the serial slapper, Harvinder Singh. Whenever he slapped on my right cheek, Annaji asked him Why only one slap?... be pure Gandhian and slap on other cheek as well. Whole night this guy was slapping me, first on one cheek and then Annaji used to force him to slap me on other cheek as well. It was so painful, see my cheeks are swolen.... (Diggy Chacha showed his eyes instead of his cheeks). I told Annaji, that it is fine if I would be kissed by Serial Kisser Emran Hashmi but please don't let Harvinder slapped me."
Observing the intensity of the situation, Diggy Chacha's supporter took the DCFC reporter away from him. "Please don't pressurise him, he had slappy night..."

When asked what made Diggy Chacha so affraid of the situation. The supporter said "See the movement is started with ordinary and hopeless political leaders like Janardhan Dwivedi and moved to esteem politicians like Sharad Pawar. Diggy Chacha is a great leader and unscathed of such inhumane act (he is virgin of being not slapped before). On the other side, Annaji's statements like just one slap, added to his fear."

When asked the supporter why does Diggy Chacha need to be affraid, as he would not have slapped till date. Plus, he is most ignored politician. Neither, Congress politician listens to him nor common man. He said "Who told you he is most ignored in political arena? See many Congress gentlemen want his esteemed place of bu.lsh..ting. Please don't quote me but likes of Manish Tiwari, Kapil Sibal, Rashid Alvi who are famous for making comments want Diggyji to be slapped or throw some shoes. These people also can give the serial slapper a contract to hit him hard on his face. Diggy Chacha asked Chidduji to give him best of the securities to save his face from Harvinder Singh."

One source from Congress Party said "Chidduji is not eager to give him any kind of security, as Diggyji used his weapon of on Chidduji only. Chidduji told me that let Diggy face anger of public and observe how much painful was that (Chiddu uncle had to go through that anger, once)."

When asked Sharad Uncle, how he feels after being slapped and does Diggy Chacha really need to be worried. Sharad Uncle said "My message to all young leaders like Diggy, Rahul Baba, Manish Tiwari, Janardhan Dwivedi is, politicians should be used to these kinds of incidences and if they were slapped on one cheek their age supports them to provide other one for being slapped."

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