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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

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First Attack on Anna and RSS

Diggy Chacha's Jammu visit is getting more popular than his recent Azamgarh (in UP) visit. Recently came from his maun vrata (course that covers I will not make any non-sense statements for few days syllabus) due to many party leaders' request, Universe' most intelligent person Digvijay Singh (Diggy Chacha) has shown an example of his expertise on shooting many targets with only one shot.

"Congrates Chacha, you are bang on target," says Rahul Baba. "I salute to your intelligence. Just when everybody was sidelining us you came and saved the time. I will tell Mumma to get you promoted," he added.
Stepping up attack on Anna Hazare and his team, Diggy Chacha on Monday alleged that the activist was a "mask of RSS like yoga guru Ramdev" and was being used to divert attention from the arrest of Sangh members in terror cases. When DCFC reporter asked why Diggy Chacha was trying to bring RSS issue, a senior Congress party leader said "That is what an actual idea, right now he is in Kashmir luring Muslim votes while sometime back he was in UP accusing Behenji to lure Muslims and Dalits vote. Everything came from his own brain and party was happy as he became savior in the troubled time."

The Lokpal issue, Chacha told reporters here, was raked up "to divert the attention of the people from the arrests of various RSS activists in connection with terrorism and others in corruption cases. However, when DCFC reporter asked him that yesterday only he told that Hazare was a social worker and that was the reason why the "Congress-led" UPA government reacted on his demands. So in a way Congress supported RSS's agitation.
He said "That statement I made in Azamgarh and now I am in Jammu so there should inevitably be changed." A supporter of Diggy Chacha revealed that Diggy Chacha's Private Intelligence Bureau (DCPIB), a most active intelligence agency in India had got information just before reaching Jammu that it was also a RSS conspiracy.

"They (BJP and RSS) formulated this plan. First they made Baba Ramdev as its mask and then Anna," he alleged.

The Congress general secretary said, "I respect Anna Hazare as he is (also) Gandhian (though not brainy like me) but, unfortunately, he is surrounded by wrong people."

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