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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

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“Diggy should sent to Pune Mental Hospital,” Annaji

Recognising the new launch of attacks from the government through its sharpest gun Diggy-65 (65 is age of this gun), anti-graft activist Anna Hazare on Monday returned fire at Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh (Diggy Chacha) stating, ''Going by the statement he (Digvijay Singh) is making... he should be sent to Pune Mental Hospital.''

When DCFC reporter asked why Pune and why not Thane or Agra? Annaji humbly said "Thane's capacity and facility is small for Diggy like patients while Agra he would feel uncomfortable as many politicians will join soon over there. Pune is good he can get settled."

However, when DCFC reporter told Anna that many research organizations have come to a conclusion that Diggy Chacha is most intelligent person in the universe, Annaji got furious and said "Throw away your research. it must be from Gartner or Nielson without any relevance. I would recommend government to admit him ASAP."

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